High latency over whole last week! funcom please fix

Hello. I, and many of my guildmembers expiriencing high latency lag spikes (up to 700+ms) through whole last week. So it jumps from average 160ms to 700-1000ms. Game becomes unplayable - raids crushes, people on minigames warping and porting around.
its not my internet connection or service, its Funcom one. All my guildmates (more then 10+) have same thing.
For example

as you can see he has 740+ ms just standing still, from nothing. Funcom please read this and RESPOND to your community. There are few of us left, but will be even less if you dont fix this!

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There has been occasional red bars as long as I can remember in AOC.

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But last week it become a way more often then before. All people warping near me in pvp