Lag spikes horrible lag spikes

Horrible lag spikes on saga server making it unplayable for me unless all i want to do is to stand around near the trader. Same problem for my wife and another relative. Whats up with that lag? thanks.

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I was wondering the same. I had to just stop playing several times over the last week because of them. Wonder if it is a DDOS :disappointed_relieved:

Interesting … I have my worst lag around the Traders

Yeah I would be out questing and pinging really good then all of a sudden my Ping bar would go to red and I would freeze for several seconds. There would be a few minutes of good play and it would happen again. I would just go play Conan Exiles for a bit and come back and it was ok. Happened several times. :persevere:

I didn’t mean I don’t have lag there too. I just meant that lag hurts game play very much but if you are only standing around in game it might not matter much to you at the moment.

That sounds sort of like a Raid Finder queue popping. I think I’ve heard people blame lag spikes like that on it.

But there are probably lots of potential reasons for that kind of lag-spike.

The last couple of days it has been quite bad for me, didn’t really bother me to much earlier or not to such an extent that I felt I had to check forums about it anyway. :slight_smile:

So just curious whter other people too have felt something more fishy is going on the last couple of days regarding those annoying spikes.

Same with me for 2-3 weeks now, mainly in the evening (Europe) and only on the Saga Server. VERY annoying when fighting Mobs and the indicator suddenly gets red and then becomes green after 10-20 seconds and you’re dead. :rage:
Workaround for me is to “fight blindly”, i.e. pressing keys even when connection is lost, as the Server seems to accept already pressed keys after connection is restored… But that’s really something FC should look at !

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I’ve been pretty good up until yesterday when I was in the Gateway area along the Wall. It was like playing in mud. Finished the few things I was doing and then ported out to Con Village and on to Ep Mt’s. Logged off and came back a couple hours later and never had a single problem.

I too have had more issues than normal with lag spikes the last few days.

Funcom, whatever you did during the latest maintenance please undo it.

The lag spikes are terrible now. I get 4500 ping on my latency then I get disconnected quite often. Please look into this and fix it! Thanks!

Yeah nothing sucks worse than having 25% of a bosses HP left in a non RF raid just to have the entire raid go red and come out dead.

Also, why does it often take more than 5+ attempts to connect to the character server?

It would be interesting to see if the lags are experienced more on the EU side or the US side, to get an idea if the problem is mainly distance from server or what do fc value more the $ or the €.

I know they can roll across the world …what I mean by this is:
I live in Australia and raid with people in Europe, mostly people based in Germany… frequently it will be said mid-raid “lag” by those based in Germany and then a couple of seconds later I will get the lag spike they are experiencing.
It used to be at about 10pm European cst time that the whole raid with people from multiple European countries, also USA, Canada and Australia would lockup mid-fight and be booted from the server … it would also hit another raiding group in a different raid zone that a friend of mine played with at the same time …he also in Australia but a different city than me. Thankfully this seems to have stopped.