Huge lag spikes suddenly happening on good internet

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Performance / Misc
Server type: PvP / PvE
Region: NA but I assume it happens on all of them for me right now

[Describe the bug here]

My internet is fine for every other game, but for Conan Exiles I get extreme loss and lag spikes. I know this isn’t in my other games as I play a lot of shooters, and other real time needing games and haven’t noticed any issues, but on Conan everything is super spiking. I see people teleporting constantly, and the PvE portion of enemies hit me with attacks that don’t seem anywhere near close, and then half a second later they teleport next to me which explains why they hit. I was playing before on a different ISP/internet and it was fine, the one I am on now is actually better in terms of download, upload, and ping to most servers that are close to me (East NA, I live in Ontario). Any idea how to fix this? Legit it is only on Conan, I’ve already tried reinstalling and reaching out to my ISP.

Funcom is aware there is really bad stuttering and lag across all platforms = they are investigating and trying to fix.
The situation got a lot worse with the 10December patch and 12 December DLC release … people started reporting it then - Funcom did respond immediately and assigned people to fix it = they released a hot fix on 20 December which they hoped would resolve it … unfortunately it didn’t…the hot fix improved the situation for some users but not all …
They are still working on it.


^ This :slight_smile:

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