Very frequent lags

Hello, I want to start by saying that I loved the game Conan Exiles, at least at the beginning, and that we had a lot of fun with friends with this game and I bought all the DLC of the game. This fact is that since the last major update, December 2018, we are many to regret our purchase because the very frequent lags, and no small lags, which produce randomly and repetitively destroy all pleasures to play this game I do not count anymore and my friends also the number of times we are dead because of his lags. Yet I do not have a small machine, AMD FX-9590 5.0Ghz, 32GB Corsair RAM, R9-380X Pro 4GB,
Yet we play on a dedicated server, rented, or on a part co-op hosted on one of our computer this lag is always present.
Online official & Online private & Single-player)
PvP & PvE-Conflict & PvE]
Canada, Montréal

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The game was horrible in xbox:
floating weapons of non-rendered enemies; sound out of sync;
crashes that restart the console … We need help, the game has a lot of potential.

Is it lags or what is being described in here?

Feels like teleporting around?
UI causing lags too? (Like inventory, death screen, those things…)
May be that exact issue.

A few players managed to find a fix/workaround for that. Thanks to Multigun for sharing and Fampoat for finding.

For some people it works, for others it wont. But I think it’s worth a try!
I dont know about xbox though.


Hey there,
As @Nuria stated above, we’re currently gathering information in the thread linked above. Please send us your feedback in that post :slight_smile: