Flawless armor back in loot table

Single Player
No Mods
2.3 (10.02.2021)

Found a flawless medium tasset (52059) on one of the new 1 skull npcs.

Which npc? Name? Coordinates? 1 skull isn’t enough of a description.

I’m finding Flawless armor on named NPCs killed in Exiled Lands map @ J 5
TeleportPlayer 150726.2554056011 162217.05896126

Might need to check the named NPC spawn at I 4 for the same reason.

If its supposed to be a ‘better than usual’ armor reward, perhaps an exotic version of that base-game medium armor?

Can confirm. Don’t remember which one it was.

Hey @Exiled1

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve notified our team about this.

Still getting flawless gear from named NPC’s in the latest build. Killed Ulrik the beast and he has flawless medium gear. killed Edna I think was her name, also flawless gear.

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