Flawless isnt removed fully!

So i saw a crash log that someone posted on the forums, it did look like that random crashes happened because of something with looting inventories.

My first thoughts did be flawless armours, they got removed so they should slowly disappear.
But it turns out that some of the NPCs still drops the flawless versions of encumbrance armor. :thinking:

Shouldnt this be fixed?

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On the official pve I play for a while the ‘boss’ npc’s with the skull over the energybar at the river drop every time flawless armours.
I can use it but there is no way to repair it anymore?

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You can repair it because its not intended to be in the game anymore.
Thats why i made this post, the flawless armor should have been deleted as a drop.

The chests in the Warmaker’s Dungeon also contain flawless gear.

I have been wandering if the continued presence of flawless equipment in the game has contributed to some of the technical issues that some players have been experiencing.

I have been finding flawless equipment on the named T4 Exiles, which I can loot.

Recently, I saw a Black Kappa kill someone elses guarding Thrall. There was a piece of Flawless armor on the corpse. I tried looting said armor, and the game crashed.


What don’t work is take all with the triangle button. It takes all but the flawless you need to take with r2. But no crash. I use the flawless for my thralls too.

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Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and it’s been fixed in the upcoming update to be released on May 27.
Here’s a sneak peek from the PC patchnotes:


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Just to make certain I understand correctly, does this mean the 2.4 update will be coming to consoles at the same time that Siptah as a whole does?

It looks like may 27 even consols get siptha and the patch and conan even goes into game pass on this day

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Yes, 2.4 is currently scheduled to come on the 27th.


Pienso que esto no es un problema para la jugabilidad ya que ahora con la 2.3 el equipo impecables es mas bajo que el creado por un trall lvl 4. (Shieldwrights). Esperemos al 27.

What will happen to the flawless stuff my thralls wearing now?

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Once it breaks, you will not be able to fix it or make new one.

Exceptional and Flawless item qualities and recipes have been removed. Note: Existing armor and weapon pieces will still exist, but new ones will not be able to be crafted anymore.

PS4 Update 2.3 (19.04.2021) - Major Update! Balancing, Fixes, Stability, Performance, and more!

I started few weeks ago on a pve becouse these bigger fishes on the pvec i played.
That’s very good for the start that you get these armours. Have tons of them but now I just use them for my thralls until I have enough to make better amours for them by myself.

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My dear friend, just to answer to the repair issue you have … You can repair everything with repair kits .It is just the repair kit system that it’s a little odd .
What I mean by odd is that you cannot repair anything with lower rank repair kit , that this seems to be correct but … to fully repair a simple piece of armor you need legendary repair kit and that’s bad . An advanced repair kit should do the job too . Anyway, kill one head bosses and they drop a lot of repair kits to repair these armor pieces a lot .

Do you know the purpose of this topic?

The servers crashing 10 times a day because of those flawless armors.
Not sure how you consider this not being gamebreaking.

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