Before console patch 2.3 - Exceptional and flawless, etc

Hi all

I’m in PS4 and I’ve been gathering info and tips on what to do before patch hits. So I’ve been busy gathering oil, ichor, making hardened leather, etc.
Thanks to @Wak4863 for his console prep videos!

Oh in your one video wak you mentioned put all hearts in preservation boxes because you weeent sure which is getting expired timers. Looks like just heart of a hero is. The new wiki doesn’t show nordheimer or kinscourge as getting timers

I see that sliver of the unfulfilled is also getting a timer. I’m guessing the remaining things you get via altar tools now have timers. Not sure what the full list is of those yet.

Anyways, my question: with exceptional and flawless “going away”, what does going away mean?
They will still exist in my chests but I just won’t be able to repair them after the patch?
Or will they be gone gone and I should dismantle them all now?

Thanks for any info from anyone able to assist!

Edit: fixed dies=does typo


You’ll still have your existing flawless/exception gear, and you can still use it. But you can’t make it anymore.

You CAN’T repair it from a workbench or from inventory. You CAN repair it with a repair kit.

If you let your flawless/exception gear get to durability 0 then it is destroyed forever. There is no way to recover it.


@Caffeine ,I don’t know about armors , I think that it is extra super that in one set of armor I will have both temperature effects and since dragon bone armor is coming and the redeemd silent legion is easy now , I wouldn’t care that much . I will definitely use the new sets of armor no matter the loss . However I have the feeling that we will use lesser the heavy armors now because of the new encumbrance and dodge effect . Something is telling me that Pride of Aesir is going to meet it’s elder glory :wink: , deja vu . Thank you for the info m8

On the technical side, instead of a database slot for each and every combination of exceptional and flawless works, there is now just one entry with variable temperatures and damage contained on the entry.

This will reduce database size and allow more combinations.

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Thanks @Dzonatas and @Caffeine

Ok - that’s one less thing to worry about. The exceptional stuff I have is just looted stuff that I haven’t gone through yet. I still have some flawless stuff. But if still somewhat useable as least for the beginning until I get caught up all the patch stuff, then can also let that slide for a bit

As long as I don’t need to dismantle all to at least get some benefit :smiley:

And I’m going to fix that dies=does typo :joy:

And FYI to console players, looks like ice shards will also get timer

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