T3 & T4 Thralls no longer make/repair Exceptional/Flawless Items

Game mode: [Single-player)]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [n/a - but might be happening on all server types]
Region: [Americas]


Please note that I purchased all of the DLC content (Aquilonian, Khitan, and Pictish). Sorry, but I am too lazy to type out the actual DLC names, but not to lazy to type out this explanation. LOL

Ever since the Post-Halloween patch I noticed that none of my T3/T4 thralls can make/repair Exceptional/Flawless items.

I will use Fia (Named Armorer) as an example.

Prior to the Halloween event, Fia could do the following:

When placed on the Armorers Bench, Fia could make the following armor:

  • Flawless Heavy Aquilonian (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Medium Aquilonian (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Light Aquilonian (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Heavy Khitan (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Medium Khitan (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Light Khitan (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Heavy Pictish (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Medium Pictish (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Light Pictish (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Heavy Exile Armor

  • Flawless Medium Exile Armor

  • Flawless Light Exile Armor

After the Post-Halloween patch, Fia can only make the following armor, if you remove her from the bench and place her back in the bench:

  • Flawless Medium Aquilonian (DLC) Armor, EXCEPT THE HELM
  • Flawless Acheronian Shield

Prior to the Halloween event, Fia could do the following:

When placed on the Improved Armorers Bench, Fia could make the following armor:

  • Flawless Epic Heavy Aquilonian (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Epic Medium Aquilonian (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Epic Light Aquilonian (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Epic Heavy Khitan (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Epic Medium Khitan (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Epic Light Khitan (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Epic Heavy Pictish (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Epic Medium Pictish (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Epic Light Pictish (DLC) Armor

  • Flawless Epic Heavy Exile Armor

  • Flawless Epic Medium Exile Armor

  • Flawless Epic Light Exile Armor

After the Post-Halloween patch, Fia can only make the following armor, if you remove her from the bench and place her back in the bench:

  • Flawless Medium Aquilonian (DLC) Armor, EXCEPT THE HELM
  • Flawless Light Aquilonian (DLC) Armor, HEADGEAR ONLY

NOTE: There may have been other Flawless Armor (Lemurian?) that Fia used to be able to make, but I cannot remember for sure. I only listed the armor types that I know disappeared from her list.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place Fia on either Armorer’s Bench or Improved Armorer’s Bench
  2. Note all of the missing Flawless Armor that she used to be able to make
  3. Leave the bench and notice that you cannot see the limited Flawless list unless you remove her from the bench and replace her.
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For some reasons, we now have to press L3 for the items to reappear. (Ps4 console, private PvE server)

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Is strange cause only a few of us have this bug, On the server i play only me 2 others guys have this problem P.C.version

I too have the problem with a smith and a armorer. Alle their “standard” flawless recipes are gone and I cannot repair my flawless heavy armor any longer.

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I am having the same issue. T4 thralls cannot make exceptional/flawless items, create silk, etc. I have learned ALL of the recipes in the game, and I cannot access these recipes in the armory/improved armory/blacksmith/improved blacksmith/etc. Sometimes when I remove/replace a T4 thrall, some (not all) of the recipes appear. Then, when I access the armory/blacksmith again, they are gone.

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I am having the same problem as Atali. I play on three servers, all of which have the same problem. Armorer benches and Carpenter table are affected.

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…an addendum to that last statement: Blacksmiths should be included in that, also.

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Well, heck. Add the cauldrons to the evergrowing list.

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… and the stoves. :frowning:

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this last patch is yet another disaster in terms of how many things got broken…

unbelievable… (and very sad tbh)

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yep , they (Funcom) obviously dont TEST their patches , they only go test whatever they think got fixed, and forgets that they might be breaking other stuff. if they just test and play a bit the game with the fixes, it would be evident that things got broken… but nope, they think all is pretty and nice.

i feel like a non-payed beta tester , or should i call it “Alpha”?

its hard for me to understand whats going on… but it aint good.

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Oh, man!! Add the altars, too!

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Yes, I agree. They need to concentrate on bug fixing and stabilization before adding new content.

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dont worry they might be adding another DLC shortly ( i love them because it adds to building) but damn it scares the crap out of me. !@

I’ve seen variations on this thread running around the forums since the Halloween is Over Patch. In my case (PC, Single Player, “Offline”), it affects all of my Tier 3 & 4 thralls on all stations so far.
The workaround that works for me is to take the thrall out of the Thrall spot & move them to either station inventory or your own, then move them back. This has always opened up one line of the Exceptional/Flawless set at the top of the station inventory. So, it appears to be a display bug.
Anyway, I only get the first line of their expanded abilities. But, if I mouse over that first line and use the scroll wheel, I can go through all of the Exceptional/Flawless items. The station’s scroll BAR will still scroll the whole window up and down, so I have to use the scroll wheel on the mouse, one line at a time. :frowning:
Also, if I have to exit the station & get a component out of a box, I have to move the thrall around again to display that top line. I have no idea whether or not the console players can do that sort of mouse-wheel scrolling, though. (I haven’t played on a console since the Atari 2600 was a Thing…)
Hope this helps until this one is fixed…

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I only used the Fia the Named Armorer as an example. The subject title states T3 & T4 Thralls meaning I am having issues with all of them no matter what their “trade” is in the game. I just happened to be well versed with what Fia could do since I utilize her the most in my game.


What the hell are they doing over there to constantly break so many aspects of the game??? I mean come the hell on Funcom. These are simple user interface issues.

It is like every patch there is this anxiety and sense of dread of what they are going to break next!!!

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And this is usless for those of us who dont have a scroll wheel on their mouse. removing and replacing the thrall and then running a search for Flawless or exceptional is the only way I can view them.

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