Thrall Bug - Fia

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Game mode: Private
Problem: Bug
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The Fia armorer, found around the Darketo Altar, offers Flawless Lemurian Warrior and Royal.

The bugs:

  1. In the Improved Armorer Bench, the Flawess Epic Armor Recipie only takes standard resources to create, and only gives the stats of non-tiered (Normal) Lemurian (I.E. +1 stat per piece, armor and durability = to standard (normal) non-tiered Lemurian.
    1A) Lemurian Armorer III has the same bugs as above, but with Exceptional. (Recipie only takes standard mats for Epic)

  2. Fia nor Lemurian Amrorer III does not create their respective armors in the standard armorer bench.

Repro steps:

So, heres the thing, you cant make the armor unless you know the recipe. Even if the thrall knows how. So you need to find the recipe for the Lemurian armor. Which I can tell you if you want. Once you learned it, you can make it.

Thank you for your reply, however I already had/have the recipes. That does not change the fact that making the armor in flawless/exceptional epic state gives it normal stats/bonuses of a non-flawless/non-exceptional/non-epic, nor that the thralls have no recipes in a normal armorer’s bench.

ok so ive recreated your scenario: Lemurian armor is epic by itself or is considered so. Thats why it wont be in the normal bench at all. The game forces you to be level 60 to make it. Also the only stat difference between the Exceptional a the flawless is Armor. Even if your thrall knows how to make it, since it required the Improved bench and the recipe for the improved bench he/she cant make it in the normal armor bench, the bench isnt good enough for that Thrall :slight_smile:

For every other armor in the game stat differences between exceptional and flawless are armor/durability and the stat bonus to your stats. Normal +5, Exceptional is +7 and Flawless is +9. (with the exception of silent legion)

What I’m saying is there is no difference between the recipe you create from the learned, the exceptional and the flawless, full stop and they all take the same amount of normal mats. While I appreciate getting an epic for normal mats, it appears to be a bug rather than working as intended.

Your explanation of why it doesn’t go into the normal bench, also appears out of line with how the rest of the armorers work and if that’s the intention, that’s fine, however none of the others work that way.

Not quite every other armor… Many Exceptional and Flawless sets don’t seem to give the proper attribute bonuses.

Please let me know which ones you’ve tried. I’ve not see this in what I currently have.

I’m on a new character now so I can’t check them all, I just remember a lot of inconsistencies.
I’m currently wearing the exceptional hyena set though, it’s only giving +5 survival.