Flawless Improved Lemurian Armor Bug

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Improved Armorer Bench]

With any other flawless item made at the Improved armorer bench the ability bonuses are doubled not including gloves, they stay as +1 (changing that’d be nice). But with the Lemurian set made by Fia the attribute bonuses stay as 1 and the temperature effect is not doubled either like the other armors made at the improved bench. Does this have something to do with the fact all Lemurian loot armor drops are Epic sets?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place Fia in the Improved Armorer Bench work slot.
  2. Craft the Flawless Lemurian Warrior set (I haven’t tested royal)

Hello @EmeraldIsle, as a full set the Flawless Lemurian Warrior provides higher temperature resistance and stat bonuses than its other variants and the current bonus values of +4 STR and +5 ACC are intended.

What are the total stat bonuses you’re getting when having the full set on?

Okay so I’ve just checked after the update just now. And I’ve found more details on the problem. The stats are +4 Accuracy and +5 Strength. But they’re jumbled.

  • Mask says Bonus Accuracy, but it’s actually +1 to Acc and +1 to Str.
  • Chestpiece says Bonus Strength but actually gives +1 to Str and +1 to Acc.
  • Gauntlets say Bonus Accuracy but only give +1 Str.
  • Tasset says Bonus Strength but gives +1 to Str and +1 to Acc.
  • Boots say Bonus Accuracy but again give +1 to Str and +1 to Acc.

All only give one temperature point each unlike the other epics. Dispite what the Armor Recipes say in the Feats Menu all the Flawless Epic sets I’ve made so far have been 2 points to temp effect per item. So I thought that might be a mistake along with the attribute points jumble.

Thanks do much for taking the time to look at my post. I hope it makes sense.

Thank you for elaborating, we’ll register this matter for our team to look into.

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