Lemurian Warrior Flawless Epic Set

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I spent one week to find the thrall that does the Flawless Lemurian Epic Set, the regular epic set gives +2 strength and +3 accuracy, and the Flawless give the same value bonus, shouldn’t it gives +4 STR and +5 ACCURACY?

Please revise this set please! The total Bonus of the Flawless set is just +5 stats not +9 as usual.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:


Hi tyriel,

first of all, you needed one week to find Fia the lemurian armorer at the Pagoda of boundless lusts ?
WOW ! with that kind of luck, never ever play at a lottery, please. :wink: … just kidding.

But back to topic.
You are absolutely right. And to make it more clear to the Devs.
“Normally” armors has 3(6) different qualitys and gives a total of the following bonuses.

  • Base +5
  • Exceptional +7
  • Flawless +9
  • Base (Epic) +5
  • Exceptional (Epic) +7
  • Flawless (Epic) +9

For the Lemurian Warrior Set it looks like this:

So tyriel is absolutely right, the Exceptional (Epic) and the Flawless (Epic) version need some upgrading.
These are the Database IDs we are talking about.

Lemurian Warrior Exceptional (Epic): Mask (ID: 52456), Chestpiece (ID: 52457), Gauntlets (ID: 52458), Tasset (ID: 52459) and Boots (ID: 52460) .

Lemurian Warrior Flawless (Epic): Mask (ID: 52461), Chestpiece (ID: 52462), Gauntlets (ID: 52463), Tasset (ID: 52464) and Boots (ID: 52465)

P.S.: As a cross-reference: By defeading the Witch Queen we recieve the Lemurian Royal Set too. But here is all fine with the different quality bonuses. (+5 +7 +9)



Hey there

Thanks @tyriel for bringing this issue up and @SirBowen for the detailed information about it. We’ve informed our team about it and they’ll look into it.


Oh, always happy when there are people who also raise questions that can’t ask others until you get access to writing topics. Prompt support responses are also encouraging. Thanks )


Thank you very much for completing the issue! HAHA yes, and the funniest part is that her name in Portuguese sounds like a CORNY way of saying Daughter. hahahaha


Isn’t this the recipe after you beat the witch queen. You go and “touch” the chair. Been a while since i have used it. Not really my type of build for PVP, so i might have it mixed up with another one.

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