+18 Attributes from 2 Armors since the update

I really don’t want this to be fixed but… since the update we now have:

Epic Flawless Lemurian Warrior is now +9 Strength AND +9 Accuracy.
Epic Flawless Reptilian is now +9 Vitality AND +9 Grit.

Considering other armors have not been tweaked as such, I’m assuming this is not intended.


Well here’s to hoping all sets will eventually grant +18 attributes (as in 2 x 9), would go some way towards making more choices viable. Or not, I’m not sure. I am sure the PVP crowd has an opinion on this.

Its overpowered indeed, other armors become obsolete.

Other armors don’t necessarily become obsolete with this option IMO but, this definitely will develop a new bow/melee meta real fast without a hotfix or upgrade to other armors.

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So tell me, why would one use the only +9 Str darfar or Kambuj while Lemurian offers the same plus +9 acc ?

Even those who don’t care about acc will use because of the advantage dmg on bows/thrown.

I believe that only applies to armor rating… but I could be wrong!

same, heh

Some do vit and agi builds as well where the lemurian armor would not be preferred. I wasnt disagreeing about it being OP. It is. But it doesn’t render others entirely obsolete, IMO, which was my point.

It’s a named thrall, Fia, from near the Derketo trainer in the swamp. Assuming the spawn points haven’t changed in recent patches.

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Which armorer makes the epic flawless version of reptilian?

Wow. After months of having a basic +3 +2 strenght and accuracy with flawless versions being broken meaning they gave the same amount…

So I am happy with flawless finally granting more stats, though I wouldnt have needed these amounts.

Interesting idea!
This would for sure enable a ton more builds which is good.
Even more importantly it wouldnt lock people to certain armor due to their favorite stat…
Though it’s true that since certain attributes are stronger than others, there are reasons against that too.

But I dont know how to fix that.

I think (but am not too sure) it’s a thrall which has no spawn yet. Siesse something. Meant to be spawning in the volcano if I am correct.

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Aye, that was the idea.


I do, but Funcom doesn’t want to do it: they seem to think they can balance the attributes/perks, which is commendable but IMO also smells a wee bit hubristic SO all alternatives are dead in the water :slight_smile: (this is one of those where I’d love to be proven wrong btw)

Was fixed (checked it just now). They both now give the old +2 and +3 in two different stats.


Seems like accuracy stats is broken on Lemurian warrior mask.

Full Flawless Stygian Radier Armor = +9 Accuracy
4 pc Flawless Stygian Radier Armor + Flawless Lemurian Warrior Mask = +8 accuracy…

I realy like the Lemurian mask over the stygian one for looks. But please confirm that this is a bug and not intended ?

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