Recipe Flawless armors need balanced

The Flawless and Epic Flawless version of armors you find by in game recipes such as the Hyena Fur armor, Reptile, and Lemurian recipes only give +5 to stat distributions vs the +9 the flawless versions of the feat granted armor provides. At least this is the situation when you spawn them in via the admin panel, and I got an idea having the right armorer thrall(when we can actually get them since we currently have to spawn those in now too for the most part) won’t change that.

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However, [epic] Flawless Lemurian Armor made by Fia requires no alchemical base, or perfected padding components, but still have better stats than flawless non-epic armors from a pure armor sta(ts)ndpoint.

These are basically the cheapest “best” armors you can wear. Real bang for buck.

The Reptilian Glove has as much armor as the breastplate… which is an avenue of having a very high armor rating, while still keeping the movement class at light armor.

I have a feeling they didn’t quite have time to finish these yet…

I agree, there’s a lot of things that feel unfinished and need rebalancing. There really isn’t much viable in the way of variation when it comes to armor and character builds