Poitain Heavy Armor - with Accuracy

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Just… sigh. I know, I know. You just randomly select some attribute for it, and screw lore. It’s neither the first nor the last time. I just had such high hopes for the Poitain armor, particularly since my beloved Black Dragon has just been demoted to the Dismantling Bench.

//Cosmetic armor when?


May I ask Mikey, what is your preferred armour choice now?

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For myself, it’s still medium, really. For my Thralls, I really don’t know. Cimmerian Steel I suppose, though it’s… a little on the boring side. Solid, dependable, the conservative sensible choice… but I don’t play games to be any of those things!

I too have longed for “adjustable stat” amour and hope one day that we will get to see some. Really enjoy the “looks” of most of the armour but just cant wear most of them due to the specialized stats. But, it comes down to the goal at hand and the best choice for that goal for now. One day… :slight_smile:


Well, maybe. It would solve so many problems, and I just don’t buy the “WYSIWYG is vital for PvP” argument.

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I totally agree. One of these outfits should have at least been strength set. I want a nice looking strength set. I’m tired of darfari and I’m not gonna put on that male jiggalo crap.

The light armor should have been an accuracy or strength armor.

The medium armor should have been agility, but I guess encumberance is ok.

The heavy armor should have been strength.


My friend was so mad.
He was so close to coming back to Conan. This was one thing of others that drove him off, lol.

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Ironically with me, I usually defy meta’s since some play styles I just like to play for fun, not to win or anything, as I have used a wide amounts of the armors all having their own feel but that is just my two cents.


Still very sad about this. Such a fantastic-looking armor, such a random (literally) Attribute bonus.

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So it is essentially Heavy Hyrkanian armor.



I know that armor often gets random stats, but this one is complete visual mismatch as well. Plate Armor with Archery bonus, ughh.

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I am not saying there shouldn’t be a heavy armor with accuracy (weird flex but okay), just that it definitely shouldn’t be this one.

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Truthfully, I was just about to craft Heavy Hyrkanian when I crafted this by mistake. They look boss on my archers!

Horse armor…you shoot bow from horse…some archers are on horses in ancient lore…this actually makes good sense to me. I was lookin for a heavy archer armor.

Yep, but not in this kind of armor. Again, I’m not saying you can’t have a heavy armor with accuracy (in fact there already is: the Hyrkanian one, which makes sense from a lore POV).

But the “Cavalier” armor from Poitain, the nation of Knights - no. Just no.


Poitain armors look way out of place to begin with.

Perhaps. But they’re in the lore (Howard’s original stories) - plate armor, knights and all that.

On the official server i have to put up with what armor i need. On the private server i have i play with fasionist so can have the look of any other armor ingame while i get the stats that i want

Pictish heavy is str