Armor infusion for stats

Hi there,
You have developed a whole range of really nice looking armors with DLC and all, but in the end they just boil down to stats for HP and damage. So out of all of them only a selected few are used.
Could you whip something up where any piece armor could be infused with any stats (strength, vitality, encumbrance, …) and with bonus levels (basic+1, regular+2, epic +3) when being crafted?
That way, I would wear something else than always the pictish heavy for strength and heavy cimmerian on my followers, for example?


Funcom has said in the past that they do not want armor to be customizable in that way as they wanted other people to be able to identify your armor build on sight.

Since they keep adding new stuff while reusing old graphics, that stance seems to be increasingly losing its merit, however, I doubt they will be changing their minds anytime soon.


Yeah this is an old, old OLD request. As in, pretty much since day one of armor giving bonus attributes.

Probably never going to happen, unfortunately. It’s one of the things that eventually made me leave the game (I do still peek in from time to time, because hey - maybe things changed).


I wear a combination of light/medium with + strength to cap out my stats.
Who wants to look like a walking bear rug?

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I guessed that was new :slight_smile: but keeping asking makes it than much more important

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Sure - but I prefer heavy armor. No mind the rug, I like Pict background

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Considering damage changes… they may as well trash alot of older armors.

Or itlest Buff them.

Most of Armors I like… are all Light. (and with little/no plently to rolls for med and heavy armor) There all kinda pointless to use. You can have 30-70 def and look good, and just die constantly or lose massive chunk of health. or 250… to 400 and look… meh. And take quite few hits. XD

Personal opinion anyway… Not fan of most of heavy armor designs, or alot of Mid game ones. =/
Even with Bulk Plating, I feel so under geared…

Whole system needs over-haul. I don’t find it very enjoyable… they add both weather stats to every armor… only handful that have 2bars. Feels so broken.

Are you not crafting epic light armors? Attach some bulked platings and you get like ~60% damage reduction in light armor. Combine with 40 Vitality + 20 Agility and you can go through all content easily.

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