Doubt on Epic Armor

I crafted an epic Zamorian Thief Armor hoping that it would give me the +9 on agi, but for my surprise it is +5 like the regular one.

Now, my doubt is, is it bugged? or do I need an Armorer Thrall lvl 3 on improved bench aswell to craft Flawless Epic? Because if so, its useless the Epic only increasing armor value, too much work for that.


You need to make the Epic Flawless set, in order to get the +9. Search for the legendary thrall that makes it, and your all set.

well, I guess thats a real bummer considering the farming. Epic should give the same amount as flawless.

The Epic actually adds to the armor rating, and on some sets, its quite significant. Its the same old, same old…if you want the best, you gotta go out and farm for it. Once you have the thrall, then making the sets is rather easy.

yes it should epic should give +9
and flawless epic should be +15 to match silent legion


Not disagreeing at all, but with the Legion set, while it is a +15, its not 15 to one individual stat. I think that kind of balances it.

That being said, would +15 to one stat not make things too OP on some builds? Or, do you think that would sort of make it more “end game” ?

eh true

tho im a fan of putting points into alot of stats instead of all in one since most 40-50 perks are NOT worth the points

but a +12 would be good for that kind of trade off

hell, of the legion armor i never wear the helm since i like to see my toons head so i just wear a settler earing for +2 grit basic flawless i dont even bother with the epic version since lts like .2% more armor reduction…well that and the fact the 100 accuracy still would be worthless lol

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True, but, there is good reason to put a lot into a particular stat. I’m not giving details away about my build, but I can assure you, that some of the perks at 50 are a beast, if used properly.

50 grit yeah its ok
50 encumberance is nice for harvester
50 str i find a knifes edge, but each their own
50 agility is very pve, and what you give up to get it is very poor for the trade
50 accuracy, well would need accuracy to be worth even 1 point to even begin to acess
50 survival same as agility
50 vitality is all around nice

most ALL perks could use another balance pass, some replaced others buffed few nerfed…very few

I can craft Flawless Zamorian Thief armor, but I don’t see a flawless option in advanced armory, only epic and as OP said, it’s only +5.

So does something like “epic flawless” exists and if so, how do you know if item is epic+flawless and how do you make epic+flawless if you have t4 armorer for that set?

i suppose you have the t4 armorer from the pirate ship, Irniz something…? she can do the flawless thief armor in normal bench, but cant craft a flawless epic, nearly all the others from the ship can craft flawless epic of different kind.
shendelzare : flawless and flawless epic kambujan armor
jehungir: flawless and flawless epic hyrkanian raider armor
joka : only flawless basic armor
irniz: only flawless zamorian thief armor
Ogruz: flawless and flawless epic darfari armor
i spawned one armorer in sp that can craft the flawless epic of the zamorian, but havent seen her in game, so i suppose is one that comes with the purge, like blacksmiths that can craft legendary repair kits


Flawless Epics are made in the improved armor bench.

most epic stuff seems to be bugged/half implemented, sadly give them time. they tried to do way to much right before launch and then didnt give it out to the testers to test…wanted a big launch day surprise, and it bit them in the ■■■


I can confirm that Irniz of the Furnace, the thrall that makes Flawless Zamorian armor, cannot make flawless epic armor except for the three basic recipes.

I’m really disappointed that base epic armor is actually worse than flawless regular armor, given the insane materials requirements. Not only does it offer lower stat buffs, it doesn’t even offer as much protection!

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Really bugged me to see the epic set as a downgrade from normal armor.

I guess this will be fixed later so im putting my epic version in the chest for now…

It is a known bug that Irniz of the Furnace recipes are bugged in the improved armorer bench making flawless epic thief armor unobtainable on live. Hoping this will be fixed along with the other missing armorer recipes and thralls with the 500 bug fix patch.