Epic Flawless Hyrkanian Raider Armor Not Craftable

As much as I’ve been able to figure, this armor is missing from the thrall who crafts it. A little disappointed here… Funcom has released a major update to the archery system, and the ONLY armor that is cold protection that is supposed to give +9 accuracy is NOT craftable. On that note, why is there only ONE armor that is +9 accuracy that is cold protect, and yet there’s at least THREE that are heat protect? My counting may be off here…


You are able to craft the flawless epic version IF you got the right thrall. There are three thralls - Joka Ironfist, Orqina Steeltougue and Than Hammerblow - which should be able to do it. But Than Hammerblow is buged and doesn’t give you the recipe. I suffer the same problem for a while now and as far as I know there are more armores, which don’t give their envisaged recipes. Unfortuantely, Funcom has done nothing to solve this issue, so far. :worried:


Thanks for the heads up, I only thought there was the one thrall… I’ll try the other 2. Thank you!

Still, hopefully they see my other point on cold gear…

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I have to correct myself. The third thrall is not Joka Ironfist but Jehungir Horseshoe. The Wikipage has it wrong. But you still get both from Black Hand.

I agree, we only have one acc armor for cold, but I don’t wear heavy armor on my archer so… yeah, we need more acc for cold please FC.

Let me correct you.
There is absolutely nothing wrong at the Wikipage. Armor or Armorer (Thrall)

Only Jehungir Horseshoe and Orqina Steeltongue can craft the Epic Flawless Hyrkanian Raider Armor as stated.

You are right. I am assuming that a thrall of a given race is supposed to give you all epic recipes of that race. However, in the Wiki Jehungir is labled as Hyborian, but when you place him in admin panel he is BlackHand_Armorer_4_Hyrkanian. Which makes sense to me for reason above.

Maybe an official can provide us with some information, whether or not it is intended that a given thrall of a race should give the epic recipes of said race? :slightly_smiling_face: At least, I have seen other players on the forums raising the same question for some time now.

On a similar note, Njoror Battleborn (Heirs of the North T4 armorer) is the opposite. He’s one of (I think) only two armorers that don’t allow you to build Flawless Epic “Standard” Light/Medium/Heavy armor (the “stamina” armors), but does give his Racial Vanir Flawless Epic armors.

Mail this @Multigun. He gathers infos, check it in devkit to forward it in an compiled report to Funcom.

Good Eye, the Wiki is wrong here, Jehungir is Hyrkanian and can build the Hyrkanian Armor, and Joka Ironfist is Hyborian without any special armor. Thanks for that and fixed allready. Now it makes sence :smiley:

But in general, not every Cimmerian armorer can build cimmerian Armors, not every darfari Armorer can build Darfari armors and so on. If you look closely you will see sometimes they can do the faction and / or Race armor or some can do both. But not all can do their Race AND Faction related Armor, i guess thats intended.

At the other hand we have some T4 Thralls who still can do nothing special, i dont know if these are placeholders for future updates or just forgotten ones. BUG | poor Chelkus, Diana and Than cant build anything special as T4

Thats absolutely right and allready reported without an answer or just even noticed, idk.

And i dont know why i have to mail this to another User, arent we in the Funcom Bug section here ?

A lot of Reports was send back in the days, without any lifesign. Every mistake in Armorers and thier reciepes are allready in the Wiki shown under NOTES whats wrong with them. I posted them in here, again and again. Sometimes after a while if nothing is happend i reactivate these reports to bring it up to their attention, hopefully it get noticed.

So if someone stick their nose into these 2 Armorers, they also has a shield problem

But no worries, i am up to repost these Bugs again and again if nothing will happened :slight_smile:

greetz SirBowen

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It was just a suggestion because he is providing some support for the comunity team. He mailed me about the topic before. And if this helps to maybe speed up things a little, I’m totaly fine to help people helping Funcom. Of course its fine to post here, too. :blush:

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Yes fine to post here and preferable to post in the bug report section. If I see something in the bug report section that I feel I can help with, I will :slight_smile: I’m just helping when and if I can but for official action, it should be reported here for sure.

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