T4 armorers can craft epic armor but not repair it?

I noticed that none of my named armorers can repair any of the epic armor they can craft, did I miss something in an update or is this a bug?

You put them into the working station with said thrall eqiped to repair it?

Yes I do it just like I have always done, have a T4 armorer in improved armorer’s bench, adding fx dlc epic flawless armor, but there’s no repair menu anymore like there used to be, it only turns up when it is non epic armor I wabnt to repair, that is the problem.

I repaired flawless Khitan captain and aqualonian yesterday. Armoer was I think Fia.

Do you have another T4 armoer?

And when the armor is fully repaired, you dont have the repair option!!

I’ve tried several epic flawless dlc armor + the general light armor in epic flawless version that are damaged and with all my T4 armorers, but the option to repair doesn’t show up unless I put a non epic armor into the bench.
Btw I have no mods, this is happening on official pve-c server.

Found the solution myself, I restarted the game and voila, I could again repair epic flawless armor, something must have gone wrong in loading game files on first game start :slight_smile:

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