Can repair Flawless but not Exceptional?

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Probably not specific to PS4 but that’s where I encounter it so that is where I report this…

“Njoror Battleborn”, Armorer. Can craft Flawless Vanir armor; however, he cannot repair the Exceptional Vanir gear I’m currently using. Obviously any crafter that can craft a particular item should be able to repair any version of that item that is of quality less than or equal to what he can produce himself.

tier 3 = exceptional
tier 4 won’t (EDIT: can’t be bothered to) repair such inferior wares


Yes, I assumed the bug was not limited to just that one crafter, but I did not want to make a broader claim as I’d not actually tested other crafters for similar issues.

not sure if it is WAI or broke, conan logic confounds us all at times

Did you put it in the correct bench.
There are 6 Tiers
Normal–Armorers Bench
Exceptional–Armorers Bench with correct T3 thrall
Flawless–Armorers Bench with correct T4 Thrall
Epic Normal–Improved Armorers Bench
Epic Exceptional–Improved Armorers Bench with correct T3 thrall
epic Flawless–Improved Armorers Bench with correct T4 Thrall
If so, then that is kinda dumb a T4 can’t repair something less than what he makes as far as Exceptional vs Flawless goes.


Yes. In order to repair my armor I had to remove the T4 nordheimer that was there, and replace him with a T3 nordheimer, because the T4 would only repair the Flawless item but is incapable of repairing the exact same item at Exceptional quality.

As other poster noted, might be WAI … or as we engineer’s at my company used to say “broken as designed”. :wink:

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Hey @ConanTheContrarian

Thanks for the heads-up. Poking our team about this to see if it is as intended or not. :slight_smile:

What pike are you using. Maybe they need a poke from a life blood spear to get them on the right track :slight_smile:

We prefer to use just the finger. It’s equally unpleasant when poking an eye. :slight_smile:

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this would be better

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