Unable to repair Exceptional Iron Mace (With Alumit Anvilbrow)

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: NA

Even though I have unlocked the Iron Mace feat, and have this T4 Blacksmith in position, I am unable to repair the Exceptional Iron Mace. I can repair the Flawless Iron Mace, as well as the standard Iron Mace.

Based on the Wiki, it says you need a Tier 3 Blacksmith to do this. The Tier 4 cannot, just because they craft Flawless items?

This seems ridiculous. Why would we want to find a Tier 3 just for this purpose, when we have the Tier 4?

Steps to reproduce are explained above.
At the Crafting Station (Blacksmith) with the T4 Blacksmith Thrall.
Can repair a Flawless Iron Mace, but not an Exceptional one.

With all due respect, why are you using an exceptional instead of the flawless you can now craft?

Admittedly, the difference between them are slight, but why try to repair the existing one?

From my perspective this is less of a bug and more of a game constraint.




I don’t throw away items of interest or usefullness.

The item in question shall be handed to a Thrall.

This is an example of a game principle. When a T4 capability is a super-set of T3 or lower skills, why would it exclude sub-elements? Is a Tier 2 Carpenter the only character which can repair an Exceptional Hyrkanian Bow?


No argument here, but that makes the ‘can repair’ table expand quite a bit. I would prefer T4 (Purge) crafters able to repair anything that is craftable at that bench, but the dev reasoning may be simple memory usage.

As to your Hyrkanian Bow question, it certainly looks like it. I suppose you could test that theory in solo.

I tend to dismantle old, less capable gear and use the mats elsewhere.




Hey @bedwin

We’ll poke our team about this so they can look into it.
Thanks for the feedback.

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I think part of the reason T4s can only make & repair Flawless (and not exceptional) is to cut down on the clutter and number of recipes that have to be loaded when a workstation is accessed. Lord knows, the fact that normal recipes are still shown in the list when the crafter is capable of making a higher quality version has caused me no end of grief, particularly where armors are concerned.

As for @bedwin’s issue in particular, if the item is going to a thrall, then it’s a moot point. Gear used by thralls doesn’t suffer durability loss. You can equip thralls with gear that has only a sliver of durability left and go campaigning all over the world, and it still won’t break.

So just give those inferior Exceptional items to thralls (or toss them in a dismantling bench) and rock on with it.


Larathiel, you had me at ‘I think’. I got so frustrated at trying to find recipes that for every armor set I make now, I find one word that filters to all the components I need. It doesn’t always work, but often it does.

As the simplest example, epic flawless light armor only needs ‘light’ in the search box. It returns the final product, all mats and the perfected lining for every item on one page.

For armors beyond the basic list, for epic flawless you already know you need each perfected lining, so I filter on ‘perfect’ for the weight: heavy, light or medium and make them first. Then I filter on one or two words that are unique to the set I want.

(win-key-V is handy for that)

This was my go to, but I am open to suggestions !



PS: back on track, if a T4 had perfected schems, along with those unique T2 schems, the list would expand by 50%. My scroll wheel would start smoking.

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I do much the same when crafting, “fe” to bring up all the fences and fence foundations, “foun” to bring up all the foundation types, “demon” when I want the medium Yamatai set, “perf” if I want to make linings, etc.

Back to the OP’s topic, unfortunately, tricks like these are still only available on PC. AFAIK, the console users have no text-based search function in either their inventory or at benches, so they must scroll thru the entire list. Hence my supposition on why T4 crafters lack the T3 recipes: it’s an attempt by Funcom to cut down on the clutter and to avoid confusion.

As you say, if our our scroll wheels would be smoking, the console players’ hands would be cramping up.

Thank you all for taking the time to reply.

My original report was more about the fact that the item could not be repaired, not actually crafted. As you may have noticed, you can drop items into workstations elsewhere and often repair them if you know the skills, etc. In this case I was relying on the skills of the T4 Blacksmith, for this items isn’t hand-crafted.

I often drop my Armor into the workstation of the Armorer to save on materials while repairing. I don’t know if it’s useful but I just repaired the Rawhide Bindings at the Tannery.

I did not realize that items given to Thralls suffer no further durability loss, so that works well for me in this case.

I also am just approaching the level where a Dismantling Bench becomes available to me. Maybe that would change my play style, to recycle materials (which I would totally do).

The recipe for crafting exceptional weapons should never show once the Thrall can craft Flawless ones, but they should still be able to repair those lower grade weapons, just on principle. I can see why the developers still present the “Normal grade” weapons below the block that are craftable by the equipped thrall, and agree that showing as few recipes as possible is best. I do enjoy text searching for items to reduce scrolling requirements.

Have a great day!


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