T4 blacksmith no longer craft flawless hardened steel two handed swords

Game mode: [Online pve
Problem: | Bug
Region: oceania

Since the patch yeaterday, I can no longer repair a flawless hardened steel two handed great sword. I can’t even make one.
I have re applied my feats how they were before the reset and gone to the t4 smith and bench it was crafted at.
I get the message - you do not have the expertise to repair this item.
Looking further I notice maev the magnificent no longer has it listed in her special crafting items. In fact none of the other 3 t4 smiths I have do.
Maybe I’m missing something but it seems like a bug to me.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.download patch
2.try to repair flawless two hander

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Can you still make regular hardened steel two handed great swords? I’m having a similar problem only in my case its my armorers and the flawless hardened steel shields. I can still craft the regular ones but neither of t4 armorers have the flawless version available. All the other flawless shields recipes still show up. This is in single player.

Yep can still make the standard one just not exceptional or flawless.
Haven’t tried the armorer’s yet though.

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that’s strange, just went on my server, and i have different T4 thralls, armorers and blacksmiths, and all can make the flawless for me like before. Made some swords, some reparations to to see, no troubles at all.

All you sure they’re T4 thralls and not T3 ? what are the name of the thralls ?

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Same here can’t make or repair exceptional or flawless hardened steel greatswords with any of the different named T4 Blacksmiths I have. Yes I have it trained too. The T4 Blacksmiths I’ve tried are Secas, Maev, Arvad, and Talitha

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Everyone online on server 1950 when I mentioned it tried out their t4 smiths and all had the same problems.
Not just can’t repair but the recipes are just not there. Can still make a flawless one hand hardened steel sword just not the two hander.
The smiths still have a lot of recipes for star metal and serpent gear among others.

I originally crafted it with maev the magnificent but she’s forgotten how apparently.

Yeah I’ve got Maev and Secas as well as Hyam Hammerhand and one other I’ve not yet tried as he’s down in the jungle at the moment.

The same effect with a flawless hardened steel shield. T4 thrall has made it for me, repeatedly repaired, but after a patch he does not know how to do it.

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Noticed that they limited the amount of flawless hardened steel gear each blacksmith can craft making each one more unique but they still can do. However I havent found any that does greatswords and alot of other weapons. Judging by the flawless armor sets missing we may have a couple of weapons missing completly too.

I don’t think it is intentionally limited, if it were it defies logic.
If Maev can make flawless star metal greatswords and flawless hardened steel 1h swords, it demonstrates that she can make both flawless swords that are 2h plus swords of hardened steel.

Now it appears every t4 bs can make flawless serpent gear which I think would be rarer than common hardened steel.

Definitely something went wrong with the patch.

Would like to see some official comment on this.

I just checked Maev and Beri. They cannot create Flawless Hardened Steel Two Handed Swords either.

Also checked Talitha Goldfingers. She can’t make it either.

I know some of these thralls could make it, it’s a sword I used a bit in EA. Pretty all T4 blacksmiths are ‘supposed’ to have it. There’s just so much wrong with the thralls, it’s crazy.

They never tested their own work in EA, why would they start now? They still have players doing it for free in Testlive after all.

Edit Again::
I just double checked and actually Beri does have the Flawless Hardened Steel Greatsword recipe, but the other two I mentioned do not. You can get Beri at Freya’s Hovel.


Yeah. Looks like it was random distrubuted . Secas went from my worst to one of my best BS.

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Out of interest, are you on official or private server?
Pve, PvP or single player?

I’m on official pve oceanic 1950.

Also curious. Which T4 blacksmiths do you see with the Flawless Hardened Steel Greatsword?
None of mine have it now, though my armorer’s still seem to have their usual recipes.

Edit:: Actually Beri has it, but my others do not.

And this is not like in the description that the secret of forging these swords is known only to barbarians (Cimmerian) and probably Nordheimer? and only these smiths will make these swords.
This is for a long time and consistent with the description on the wiki :slight_smile:

"Hardened steel, finely wrought, forms the blade of this massive sword, baring the swirling markings of a Cimmerian clan.

Great swords are faster than many other two-handed weapons, and their great reach makes them ideal for fending off groups of opponents.

Cimmerians may be called savages and barbarians, but their understanding of metal smithing is relatively advanced. They know the riddle of steel, how to harden it for greater durability and vicious wounds."

Looks like I’m off to Freya’s Emporium of Swords to see if I can lure Beri away with a more lucrative employment offer.