Tier 4 Blacksmiths Missing Flawless Hardened Steel Greatsword & Spear

Game mode: [Online | PvE Official Server #1504]
Problem: [Missing Crafting Recipes on Blacksmiths]
Region: [Here]
Have tried with 3 different Blacksmiths that were making them and repairing them just fine before the patch.

Edit I do have them trained too because of the new patch reset in case this is asked.

Checking Tier 3 thralls it appears they are missing regular hardened steel recipes on them to, the only thing for hardened steel showing is javelin, war axe, and mace.

I can confirm this. I have the exact same issue.

Confirmed issue. Feats were selected and everything. Have Maev the Magnificent, Flawless Hardened Steel Greatsword is gone. There’s a relevant reddit post on this topic too, cant link

I thought it was maybe the blacksmith that was bugged (Talitha) then I captured Maev and Hammerfield they both are missing some flawless weapons as well including my first blacksmith. Was going crazy trying to figure out why there were weapons Missing I can’t repair my flawless hardened steel GS smh

Why are they releasing a dlc when there’s so many bugs that need to be fixed