Missing recipes

US, local PC

I am missing the recipes for Flawless and Exceptional Hardened Steel Spear With a T3 or T4 blacksmith in the basic and improved Blacksmith’s bench.

I have the Hardened Steel Spear recipe shown below, the feat is unlocked, the thrall and bench are appropriate.

Any ideas?


Sure :smiley:

Weapons are also race and or Faction related like armors.
The Wiki about T3 Blacksmith’s isnt up to date at the moment, but can show you the rough direction where the journey is going.

About your question.
The Hardened Steel Weapons are related to Nordheimers.

In your case any Nordheimer Blacksmith III for Exceptional Hardened Steel Spear (51727)

and good ol Beri for Flawless Hardened Steel Spear. (51728)

I allready added some little hint back in the days behind each T4 Blacksmith in the Wiki overview:

Sir Bowen

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Thank you, @SirBowen, I was unaware of the restriction in other than armorer race-dependencies.

I can/did spawn a model that I will now delete until I can satisfy the requirement.

Good work, as usual :slight_smile:


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