How to make Exceptional Hardened Steel Sword?

How do you make Exceptional Hardened Steel Sword ? I have tried all these tier 3 blacksmiths Lemurian, Cimmerian, Hyborian, Noordheimer, Stygian, Shemite, Zingaran and none of them make the Exceptional Hardened Steel Sword.
I have learnt how to make the Hardened steel sword and can craft it.
Please note I can make the Exceptional Hardened Steel GREAT SWORD. Just cant make the Exceptional Hardened Steel Sword. Your help will be much appreciated

Can you expand on the issue?

Is it that the item won’t craft or is it that it appears greyed out in your crafting menu.

If it is the latter, I had a similar issue with Tridents. It appeared greyed out. I confirmed i should be ale to craft it, confirmed I had the materials, went into the station, still greyed out, selected it, crafted it.

So, is it a matter of the option not appearing or the option appearing to be unavailable?

The Exceptional Hardened Steel Sword does NOT appear at all.
There is no grayed out weapons.
Can craft the following exceptional Hardened Steel weapons: Great sword, Javelin, Mace, Throwing axe, War axe.

So, in your Feats, under weapons, have you confirmed you have the Hardened Steel Sword selected?

I’m including a screen shot below to illustrate.

Quote: craftable with a T4 Blacksmith thrall in the crafting station

So there is your problem and solution. You only have a T3 and need a T4.

@Pugilist if your T4 thrall can make it, you didnt even need to learn it (even when it is gray out at the working bench/table).

Here is the only blacksmith who can craft it provided that you have learnt the feat (Weapon - Warrior - Hardened Steel Sword):

this was fixed on testlive

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Oh, such a thing was fixed, but bumping up the blackblood skinning knife to the obsidian harvest rate was to much to ask… FC knows its priorities /NOT

But at least a bug got fixed :smiley:

Thats exceptional! Not flawless… Like the Wiki says: T3 = exceptional. T4 = flawless.

this is what op is asking though:

omg… my bad :smiley: Oh, so you need special T3 for something like that?? Is that intended?

you have always needed a t3 for exceptional stuff and they all have their race specific recipes, so i would say, it is intended.

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I can make hardened steel sword

I answered this question on the Discord, but since it still seems to be unresolved here, I’ll answer it here too.

The only blacksmith that can make the Exceptional Hardened Steel Sword is a T3 Nordheimer Blacksmith specifically from the Heirs of the North faction.

T3 Nordheimer Blacksmiths that can be acquired from different factions will not work.

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No! You CAN NOT make Exceptional Hardened Steel Sword with Nordheimer Blacksmith level 3.
Please read my original post.

Basically, @Tephra wrote that you need a Nordheimer that you got from New Asgard or the vicinity of that settlement.

A Nordheimer found among the pirates at the Black Galleon, for example, will not do, because he does not belong to the correct faction, despite being a Nordheimer.

So from where is the Nordheimer T3 that you tested?

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