Confusing hardened steel!

So today i looked at the hardened steel, especially the sword to start.

Let’s look at a Blacksmith III from the Forgotten Tribe:

He can craft an exceptional hardened 2H Greatsword, but no simple sword. And recips are not complet at all like you can see.

Now a T4 named thrall, Vulfeles the Hammer, of course, also from the Lost Tribe

Here same, but for the flawless version, 2H Greatsword he can, but is unable to craft any exeptionnal. Also simple sword again is missing, like other recips.

Weapons are present in admin-panel, but can’t be crafted.

Only T3 / T4 Nordheimer blacksmith can currently craft the Exceptional / Flawless Hardened Steel Sword and yes, I don’t think it’s correct this way.

Admit this make no sens.
If a T4 named thrall can craft flawless version, why should he/she not be able to craft exeptional, or normal version.

I don’t care if i need different thralls, that’s the game. But that here is non sens !

Hey there,

We brought your question to a designer and he got back to us with the logic behind this, based on different perspectives:

Lore-friendly explanation
First and foremost - thralls are experts at their job, but they will only do as they’re told, which requires their master (you, the player) to tell them “Make this design I know, except better”. That’s why they don’t have the recipes for the ‘normal’ versions. As far as the exceptional versions go - they are experts and will perform to their maximum capacity and would sneer at you for making something as lowly as an Exceptional version, because that’s not utilizing their full potential.

Are-you-really-sure-you-want-this explanation
If we did that, Tier 4 thralls would have 3 recipies of the same armor piece - in fact, they should really also know the BASIC versions of the armor. So there would be 6 entries for each armor piece in the crafting station if you had a thrall there. 7 if you know the recipe as well. So for the Zingaran armor set, instead of having 5 entries for the armorset, you would have 30. And of course, these thralls know more than one armorset, so “How much do you like using your scroll-wheel?” I guess is the question.

Mechanics explanation
It’s a game.

Hope that cleared it out! :slight_smile:


Sure, it’s an explanation, but i’m not conficed with that logic(s).
While the technical i can understand, the first one, sure no, make no sens to me.
Or let’s say, one time more, i’m asking me, who’s the slave in this game, me or the thralls.

I care for them, run for them, feed them, dress them, all they do mostly is laughing at me while i’m tired after harsh work, and best are not willing doing the stuff i want. :laughing:

Sure, i’ll accept it, but nope, never will agree with kind of logic. :hugs:

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