Exceptional Weapons

where does one find these recipes? I have a tier III blacksmith now and the recipes appear but I have to gain the knowledge. So how does one go about this?

For you to be able to make exceptional weapon, you first have to know the recipe for the “normal” version of it. Most weapons you learn by unlocking them in your feat tab, some recipes you need to discover one the map (exploring, doing dungeons).

Example: If your blacksmith can make exceptional Iron Broadsword, you first need to unlock the "iron broadsword in feats.

this isn’t true… I can make any of the recipes along as the materials are supplied… as a lvl 20 I can trade for hardened steel/ star metal and make height level exceptional weapons… the item is darkened but when I click on it I can still select and build them

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@Nogg: That is not the intended behavior and thus possibly a bug. You should not be able to build ‘darkened’ items.

It has been reported as a bug. You should not be able to craft whatever without learning the recipe first otherwise what would be the point of having the feats. Enjoy it while you can but don’t take it as granted.

I mean… I don’t see why it should be treated as a bug… it makes perfect sense for a blacksmith/armorer to be able to do his or her trained job without your supervision and previous knowledge… I do think that the T3 and 4 blacksmiths should be reworked to “focus” on a certain material or weapon type… seems like a design oversight that a darfari who makes bone weapons for his clan would have the knowledge of star metal. a T3 or 4 should have a select few recipes that can be made at any level, with or without you having the tech. (just my humble opinion)

Seeing it logically, you are right, thralls at a workstation should be able to produce their superior wares without the player-character telling them how the basic version is made.
But this is a game, not a simulation, and as others pointed out already, learning feats would be useless once one gets thralls…

You could just have it so that the grade of gear is one step lower than the max the thrall could otherwise make if the player knew the feat too (Something like the thrall can make exception if the player doesn’t have the feat, but flawless if the player does have it). You could justify this by saying the player’s character doesn’t know enough about the gear to provide the right quality of materials to the thrall, so the results are not the best they could be with the best materials.

That would let you can get a benefit of catching thralls early on, but the feat still serves an important purpose and is still worth learning once you are able.

You can not repair weapons, tools and armours if you don’t know the feat to craft them. I noticed it when I wanted to repair the weapon looted on a thrall I killed near the noob river. I was too low level to learn the feat to craft a steel mace and I was unable to repair it. But I was able to use it. :grinning:

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