Unlock all the Feats through T4 craftsman thralls

Because it is a pain doing feat resets, yet extremely easy to come by the reset option, we should make an alternate way to unlock everything. Do it with our T4 thralls and achievements.

  1. Any T4 craft thrall will unlock the craft tree for that profession.
  2. Make Blacksmith T4s have a specific weapon tree. So one would be 2h weapons, another would be 1h, etc. All blacksmiths would have the tools, upgrades, etc. Currently the only reason I see for unique blacksmith T4 is creating lower level flawless weapons.
  3. For non T4 thrall related crafts, have specific exploration achievements or maybe journey step level completions unlock them.

Ultimately make it so an individual can eventually stop worrying about relearning all their feats for the 567th time.

Is the bracelet removal something included in the game as a dignified way to suicide, as an escape from this madness?? :wink:

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Blacksmiths actually aren’t that bad. Most recipes are available to all of them already. You only need a handful of specific T4s to actually get all of the recipes.

Beri of Heirs of the North gives you flawless Hardened Steel items.
A Purge smith gives you flawless falcata and legendary weapon repair kit.
Maev the Magnificent, Conall the Hammer, or Hyam Hammerhand give you flawless longsword and steel poniard.
Vulfeles the Hammer gives flawless star metal hammer or flawless steel trident.

Lastly, you can also take Alumit Anvilbrow, Talitha Goldfingers, or Arvad of Akbitan to get flawless iron poniards.

This is taken from Gamepedia, so there might be some inconsistencies.

But those are really all the smiths you need to cover all of the different flawless recipes you can get.

From what I have heard, originally the Thralls could craft based on their own knowledge, but this was nerfed back to forcing the player to have feats for that crafting to be done with a Thrall. Which is something I hope is changed back, because it’s not a nerf anyone could really like.

The bracelet removal death is essentially a suicide, unless you beat the game and win your freedom from the Exiled Lands. Then you can take it off.


Yes. Beat the game and end yourself as an escape of the constant feat resetting process - was just meant as a joke.

Nice detail on the blacksmith thralls though! The only problem is blacksmith T4 recipes are not really useful for end game. You can make some cool things for lower and mid levels, but at lower and mid levels you probably won’t have the T4 blacksmiths to craft them. So by the time you can actually craft them, you are well beyond their level. This is something that really wasn’t well planned in my opinion.

I am sad to hear that they took the ability of the thralls to give recipes away and forced it through feats.

I think the thralls will still craft items even if you don’t have the feats. I crafted a flawless archeronian sword last night, and I didn’t have the feat. The recipe was included with my T4 blacksmith (I think it was Vulfeles). It’s not intuitive though. What happens is the recipe shows up in the listing of things you can make, but it’s greyed out and appears like you can’t make it. In actuality, you can make it. The ones that aren’t greyed out are the ones that you know the feats for. So basically, if it’s listed, you can make it and repair it. The same goes for armorers.

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Very true, but I think that is only a bug and not intended. I want the bug to become official :slight_smile:

Why do you think that’s a bug? It’s been that way for as long as I remember. It even says on the loading screen that capturing thralls gives you access to different recipes, and prior patch notes list that certain thralls have had their recipes fixed so that the recipes display correctly again (they were missing before). I think the way it’s implemented makes it seem like it might be a bug (the recipe being greyed out), but I can’t remember when it wasn’t like that. Thralls have intentionally come with their own recipes for quite some time.

It is a bug.

Originally that is how Thralls worked. You capture one and regardless of your feats, they were capable of crafting Flawless or Exceptional gear based on the type of thrall they were.

But then they were changed to require the character to have the feats. Which is why when looking at them in the craft station inventory, some are blacked out and telling you that you need X feat in order to craft.

From what I heard, this was to prevent people from rushing to grab a T4 Smith or Armorer to get drastically higher level gear than their current level. Essentially bypassing the progression.

I tried this before I hit 60 and had all feats (solo offline game), and I was not allowed to craft the item because I didn’t have the feat for it.

If it’s indeed a bug, I have a question…

Is it just the “being able to craft flawless and exceptional” that’s the bug, or “being able to craft that type of armor at all” that’s the bug?

T3 thralls can craft exceptional gear.
T4 thralls can craft flawless gear.

To craft or repair, your character is required to have the feat associated with the item you want the thrall to craft or repair.

The bug, from what I can understand, is that you are supposed to have the feat, but it is allowing you to do so without the feat.

As far as I know, this bug doesn’t exist on the PS4. I tried and was unable to craft and the item specifically told me I required the feat.

From my understanding doing the journey step, it specifically tells you that you need a t3 or t4 thrall to craft the item…
if you can learn the feat, why require a thrall?
I’ve enjoyed the journey so far, but my last 9 levels sound like trying to solve a rubrics cube where the squares keep changing colours…
Funcom is clearly lacking one essential employee in their dev team…

I’m sure Gordon Ramsey would have a few choice words to say if he couldn’t cook his signature dish without a t4 kitchen hand… :rofl:

You need the feat to craft the base item.

IE, you need a feat for crafting a Longsword or Epic Longsword by yourself.

With the feat plus a T3 thrall, you get a more powerful Exceptional version of that weapon.

With the feat plus a T4 thrall, you can get an even more powerful Flawless version of that weapon.

As I understand it, the feat requirement was to make it so you couldn’t simply grab a T4 thrall and get nearly any flawless item with no weapon feats purchased.

I like the idea of getting certain blacksmiths for flawless versions of certain kinds of weapons.
Like a spearmaster, an axemaster and so on.
Also maybe (just maybe), t4 smiths would allow to craft flawless weapons without know how to craft the basic versions of those weapons. If one combines these two… ouch!

Also please split the endgame reciped off the basic ones by allowing to craft endgame weapons solely in the improved smithy. I think they can be crafted in both?

Ahh ok gotcha… that makes more sense than what I was thinking.

you need to make the basic armor in basic station, then upgrade it to endgame in the improved station, which is silly.

It’s not really that silly.

It cuts down on the number of recipes at a given station.

I mean, a normal station is going to have all basic recipes, as well as any flawless and exceptional recipes based on the Thrall used.

And an improved station is going to have all epic recipes as well as flawless and exceptional.

People are already complaining about too many recipes and it being hard to navigate them. Silly would be wanting to double the number at a station.

I disagree. Would it be better to have 2 internets to search or one? There is a search box at every craft station. Is it easier to go to one, scroll through all the recipes, then go to the other and scroll though all those? Is it easier to keep some supplies in one station and some in another? Easier to swap your armorer from one to the other, assuming you don’t already have 2 T4 armorers.

Make all the base armor in one, gather it into your inventory, then place it in the other station to craft?

One station is significantly easier. Using search is not rocket science, so people can figure out how to use it.

The other benefit is one less station & actively placed crafter thrall for both the client and server to manage. I really can’t think of a downside.

Not sure what you are talking about. There is no “search” where you can type anything. At least not on console.

There is a very limited function that cycles through certain recipes. Which is useless in most cases because the groups are generally Weapons, Armor, Ingredients, Building Pieces, as far as I’ve seen.

It might be different if all of the crafting stations were changed to automatically place any recipes you have materials for at the very top of the list.

Maybe they’ll improve things in the future. It’s not exactly a huge hassle to have an extra Improved station for armor or weapons anyways.

Heck even the ability to only show recipes by tier…

Like only show Tx ones…

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Ok… my apologies. For console I totally understand. I just never think in those terms, as I am PC.

The irony is that an Xbox Is just a stock (low end) pc, albeit optimised for gaming, that currently has keyboard and mouse support…
So there is no excuse…