You do not have the expertise to repair this

I haven’t played Conan for years and the game seems to have changed a lot…
I don’t understand why I can’t repair my flawless/exceptional sword even with a named thrall.

It says “You do not have the expertise to repair this…”
I’ve build an upgraded station but I still get this message.

I have googled it up but nothing really helpful came out
Can you explain how I am supposed to repair these swords? I’m not quite sure how I got them in the first place, probably looted them.

Wich one is

Iron Broadsword

finally an answer, thank you

it really sucks tho, not only this is a very brutal change but they don’t tell you in game anything about it and they just let you struggle to figure out how to repair it
conan devs are becoming more and more like ark devs, less and less consideration for the players… very sad

Just to clarify, since you’ve been away from the game - the change was made to reduce the number of different items in benches (particularly relevant to console folks), so instead of having base, exceptional and flawless versions of each item, there is now just one version. However - new items crafted by higher tier thralls still gain all the advantages of the old exceptional and flawless, just without needing to be a ‘different’ item to be crafted. (So a t3 blacksmith will make a lighter, more damaging, more durable weapon than a t2, and a t4 will step it up even further). Also, look out for ‘specialisations’ on t4 (named) crafters - for example a Tempersmith will add extra durability (on top of the normal t4 bonus), a Bladesmith will add extra damage and an Edgesmith will add extra penetration. (That’s the three Blacksmith specialisations - if you check out the wiki, you should be able to find info on the different types of t4 thralls, under their general headings (so ‘Blacksmith’ ‘Armorer’ etc)


Yeah because the game was in Early Access again when they put Siptah out.

Actually Siptah was in Early Access, but they changed so much to the game, that they literally made Conan Exiles 2.0 (as you can see if you look at the patches: 2.2, 2.3 2.4 etc.).

The game we bought in 2018 does not exist anymore and it is not really possible to play it again (I know someone who knows though).

Hey now, there are plenty of things to get mad at the game or developers about, but this isn’t one of them.

I distinctly remember reading the patch notes and seeing discussion about the removal of flawless and exceptional weapons and armor. Maybe, just maybe you have a justified gripe that those things were removed, but you certainly have no justifiable reason to accuse the developers of being inconsiderate over the issue because they didn’t specifically alert you.

But then again, who cares these days, as long as you get to crap on someone, right.


As a normal player, I didn’t read +3 years of changelogs before I started playing.

All I had is ingame instructions, and they mention the lack of expertise, not the removal of the item from the game.

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That still does not give you the right to blame the devs for having

when you hadn’t bothered to look into the issue on your own to figure out why you couldn’t repair it. You could have searched for it on the Conan Exiles Wikiand found that it no longer existed. You had plenty of avenues to take without resorting to blaming people who actually DID let the player base know about the removal of flawless and exceptional items.


Well, that’s the problem, isn’t it? It’s totally okay and understandable if you don’t want to read years of changelogs before you start playing again. But if you run into something you don’t understand, you have plenty of options: you can ask other people on the server, you can look at the wiki, you can ask on the forums, or you could, you know, read those changelogs. Getting mad at Funcom for that is a bit… weird.

Like I said, you have plenty of ways to get informed, so I can’t really blame them from not investing additional development effort into coding messages meant exclusively for people who have been away a long time. :man_shrugging:


Remember that u can sustain em probably with legendary repair kits (or repair kits of their tier ) if the item is not broken completely…


These items can still be repaired with legendary repair kits if the are near and dear to your heart.

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Don’t worry if he wants them near his heart I can do that easily but I technically have limited room but if he has thousands I could give some to his friends to stay together :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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