Flawless Slave Armor...need to be familiar with it before crafting?

Kneebiter thrall allows the crafting of flawless Slave trader armor, but before that can happen the text reads that to craft this item one needs to be familiar with it first. What does that mean???

I am trying to decipher your question but I believe you are saying you have Grrr Legbitter the named armor-smith who makes the Hyperborian Slaver Armor Flawless Epic Armor. You have to be level 60 and you have to have Grrr in the advanced armor-smith bench but if you are getting that message I believe you have missed one step. If you have not done so you need to unlock the epic Hyperborian Slaver Armor feat in the armor tab in order to make it.

Edit: Just to make sure are these the thrall and armor sets you are making?


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When attempting to craft the expectational or flawless versions of armors, you must have the feat that allows the creation of the armor to make the base version, then have a thrall that specializes in the enhanced version.

The epic variation of each armor follows the same rule, however with the improved armor bench.

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