Flotsam Box Drops on Siptah

Hi Everyone

So I play on PS4 Official Server PVEc. I am currently level 42.

My question is regarding the Flotsam boxes that you can find floating in the water…

So there is a possibility of getting a legendary weapon from these boxes. But what I don’t understand is that the weapon can’t be used presumably because I’m not level 60??

Why not?

I mean, if you find it, you should be able to use it right??

If Funcom have a minimum requirement for legendary weapons, then it should be for those types that you unlock in chests like in Exiled Lands. If you are finding legendary weapons, then surely you can use those?

Think about it from a logical point of view…

You happen to be jogging along on a mysterious island, desperate for anything you can get your hands on, to survive against the many vicious creatures that plague you constantly. Desperate and seemingly out of luck, you stumble upon a mysterious weapon, floating in a strange, unmarked box. You approach it cautiously, and begin to feel its powerful aura buzzing as you hold it. Somehow, it seems like your confidence begins to hum in tandem with the weapon. Your expression changes as you grip the sword, staring out into the wild ferocious wilderness. Finally, your chance has come. It is time to dominate, to cleave, and to raze the wilderness.

Oh but wait…I’m only level 42.


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Hi thanks for the reply.

No mods. I am on PS4 official server. Is it possible I have stumbled onto a bug?

When I see the weapon it is darkened out (not a bright icon image), I can equip to my quick select wheel, but when I try to equip to use, nothing happens.


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The durability is 0. It’s probably the shovel - you just need it in your inventory so you can be Indy or Lara when you find a grave or tomb.
Note that the shovel is a legendary weapon and can not be repaired at 0 durability. It’s ONLY so you can access the graves in some of the camps.

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I am level 60 have the shovel witch allows you to dig with out being equipped. Have 2 chair legs and one other item all broken. I am wondering if you dig some things up to repair other items.

Ok thanks.

So everyone seems to be experiencing the same thing. That’s good. So I can’t repair the item then?

I guess the next question is why give a broken weapon, that you can’t repair once it is broken? It is literally useless right? I’m talking about the stool, the swords etc (not the gravedigger).


You can NOT repair items with 0 durability - not with resources nor with kits.
They can be dismantled though OR put in Delving Bench.

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Aaaah…got it. Thank you!

Let’s bring a little precision here , the Shovel ( even with 0 durability ) still lets you Dig up graves scattered in the island , those will give you one piece of an armor you may not have yet , as long as you have it in your inventory . That’s the reason why you can find some broken ones in the Floatsam box , since the receipe for the shovel is locked at the moment behind 2x RNG : ( the chance of having a receipe in the vaults final chests AND the chance of that receipe to be the shovel ) .

The legendary objects ( that you don’t have the receipe for ) will not be repairable if they have 0 durability , and are only repairable if you use a legendary repair kit , before you break it ! Though , the ones you HAVE the receipe for , then those ones you will be able to repair even after they broke since you have the receipe for it !

voilà , hope all is a bit clearer here :wink:



But getting that shovel or even the recipe for it seems to be ridiculously low, I’ve been harvesting these flotsam boxes ever since they got added to Siptah in the pc version, hundreds… Maybe even close to a thousand have I opened, all I get is seeds and other resources, not that they are a bad loot, but I have become obsessed with getting a shovel so that I have literally 2 chests full of duplicate recipes from the tower :joy:

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Technically you can, but you need to get the recipe off of a random drop. Then you can use Fragments of Power to repair even if broken. Not all weapons, but the shovel, table legs, practice swords are all repairable with recipe lnowledge.

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How do you use a fragment of power to repair a broken legendary weapon? I’ve not heard of that before??


it has to be part of the recipe. Again, you can only repair broken armor/weapons you have gained the recipe(your feats screen shows what recipes you leaned)for…otherwise you have to use the appropriate level repair kit before it breaks (0 durability).

i got the shovel recipe from schematics drop. it’s not a tower recipe, tower recipes are from siptah. older recipes that used to be from Unnamed city are either schematics or end of vault or surge drops.


I’ve been having this issue as well. I just want to confirm, does the gravedigger shovel actually drop for the flotsam boxes or am I going to have to look for the schematics and hope I learn it?

U can get their recipes from either schematics or random recipe drops and then u can repair em… they r all items coming from library of esoteric arts in exiled lands.

Shovel works if u just have em in inventory. Rest legendary items like table legs etc just put em in the dismantling bench (if i remember correctly) they give a fragment when dismantled.
Or keep em in a chest so u can repair em once u get recipe

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Yes, the broken gravedigger is an rng from the flotsams off the se coast camp. It works even broken as far as interacting with grave piles.

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