Siptah - Grayed out items from flotsam

I have been playing the Exiled Lands map for several years, but only recently started my first game on Siptah.

I have noticed that the flotsam boxes will sometimes give you things like practise sword, The Glasser, etc. In the exiled lands these would be from the Library of Esoteric Artifacts.

These items are grayed out. Normally that means that an item has no durability left and has to be repaired. Is that the case here as well? In other words, I first have to find the recipe for that item and then repair it before I can use it?

I do have the recipe for Gravedigger, but haven’t yet found a shovel (nor do I have star metal or any fragments of power yet).

Regards, C.

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Ive you found a shovel in the flotsam boxes it will damaged but to open the graves you dont need to repair it you only have to have it in your inventory

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Starmetal you will find very easy and plenty on the tower, center of Siptah.
Fragments of power like exile lands has a lot scattered around the map.
However it is not so hard to kill the spider boss and gain one.
Consider your self lucky you find the recipe first, you don’t need the stupid broken shovel, you can fix as many as you want :wink:.

You can repair the greyed out items in the correct bench if you have the recipe. I have done it with the shovel, but a kit will not repair a item that is fully broken

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A broken shovel still works for digging, and there are far better weapons than a repaired gravedigger. Tho it is fun to whack people around with it.

This is exactly the mistake I find in the state of these items. You know it would be far better if they had durability 1. This would give us the opportunity to use them too by repairing them with a legendary repair kit. For example I would love to have the Glasser early in the game :man_shrugging:

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