Fluid Press Broken

Game mode: online/ pvp server #3592
Problem: Fluid Press not working
Region: US
I’ve made the fluid press twice now and each time whether I put in seeds, hide, fish. I don’t receive oil. Not sure if I’m using the press correctly.
Update: only one of them works occasionally

I found that all raw fish seems to be working in the fluid press

Seeds put 50 the piranha looking fish make 1 oil per fish seeds make 1 per 10 each 100 plant fiber. Makes 10 spice

Not working for me either, the first time I tried it worked and then after that it hasn’t work since, I’ve tried flowers, seeds, hide and fish and get nothing, definitely a bug, I’m in a PvP 3120 UK server.

The fluid press never workt for me either.It’s a shame that the game came out and a lot of things doesn’t work.

Ok guys try unsavory fish the piranha looking 1.

I am having no issue at all it takes 50 seeds to make spice 2 crystals for 1 salt and ill getvexact numbers tomorrow

I think some people here are confusing the fluid press with the grinder

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Fluid press working for me, but the amounts needed are much higher than the wiki suggest.
10 fish 1 oil, except unsavory (thats 1 for 1). 50 putrid meat gives 1 ichor. Berries to juice cant remember ratio. Heads for blod and bone.

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At first nothing workt now only the fish seem to work in the fluid press
I play on ps4 pro