Fluid press does not produce oil from fish / crabs

Game mode: [Online |
Problem: [Bug|
Region: [EU]

Fluid press does not press fish into oil. I’ve done it on other servers and it has worked fine. Either it’s something im doing wrong that I did right the first time… Seeds and putrid meat works.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Placing fish / crabs in fluid press
  2. Does not produce oil (or anything for that matter)

Helpful for support (server official #2102 EU)

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What fish are you using? try unapatizing fish, not shellfish.

You’re supposed to get oil from all fish, albeit much, much more from the unappetizing ones. You also need a stack of at least ?10? of the exotic, and ?5? of the savory fish for it to work at all.

And shellfish of any kind does not produce oil, the unappetizing shellfish produces ichor when cooked but that’s the only by-product from shellfish. Crabs and Lobsters only produce yummy yummy seafood.

At least that’s as of the latest Live build on PC.

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I turn crabs back free into the world. I eat lobster and cook the shrimp for ichor

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