Fluid press operation sequencing is vicious

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Pre patch, you could simply unload your inventory of different fish types into the fluid press, and the fluid press would by itself start to squeeze the sort of fish that would yield the biggest amount of oil first (that was unappetizing fish by then).

I don´t know if that is a logical or realistic behaviour of real world fluid presses, but in the game it was quite convienient. :relieved:

Post patch, the fluid press still does the same, it choses unappetizing fish to be proceeded first. But now, this is a bad choice, because a small amount of the precious exotic fish might decay. :unamused:

While this is not gamebreaking, it leads the player into a none too pleasant micromanagement.
Maybe the fluid press is only stubborn and unflexible and it needs to be teached a small lesson to be up to date with the state of the game?

  1. insert three basic fish types for oil generation
  2. realize that unappetizing fish is proceeded first while exotic fish is proceeded last
  3. while proceeding large quantities the (post patch) more valuable exotic fish might decay
  4. player might be induced to sort only one fish type into one press for optimization or do other types of nerdic behaviour

Fully agree.

I chose option 4.

Look ! The grass really is growing !




I chose option 4 too and we have 4 improved fridges holding all our fish from pre 2.1 just so nothing gets wasted


Hey @r4nd0mGamer

Thanks for the heads-up, sending it to the team.


I’ve chosen option 4 both pre and post patch because I don’t like to waste fish. I also have a fridge near by too keep extra stacks of fish that don’t evenly divide into the correct ratio of fish to oil.


I agree with everything you say here OP, but this is not a bug. It is a leftover from before the patch and therefore it should probably go into the suggestions forum :smiley:

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