Fish in the fluid press was probably working better before the last change to priority

In a recent update, the game has been modified to process the fish in the order of:

  1. Exotic Fish
  2. Savory Fish
  3. Unappetizing Fish

Before this update it processed in this order:

  1. Unappetizing Fish
  2. Exotic Fish
  3. Savory Fish

I believe the developer’s intent was to produce the most oil as quickly as possible for the player.

When you consider the decay timers combined with the quantity of units required to make each oil (consumed in each operation), the older system was actually more effective at reducing loss, which should yield the player more oil and less putrid meat.

As each stack is reduced, the decay timer resets.
Unappetizing Fish is about 20 minutes, and a full stack makes 5 oil, 10 at a time.
Savory Fish is about 30 minutes, and uses 5 fish
Exotic Fish is 1 to 1 at maybe 45 minutes or 50, I can’t remember.

So if you had say a full stack of each, you’d want your fish to be consumed in the low to high order. Assuming each stack was at 50% of it’s decay timer, that would take 5 units to clear the fastest decaying fish, 10 units to clear the middle, and then you’re left with no further decay as it does the fancy fish.

As the new system rolled out, now we must wait for the entire stack of fancy fish to be processed, before either of the two lower grades are utilized at all. This leads to significant waste and frustration for players that stocked the fluid press with a known quantity of fish, that was a multiple of the required amount.

So, it might be an assumption, but did the person who initiated the change make many assumptions about people not caring about waste and just wanted to dump a random amount of fish into a press to get oil the fastest?

Obviously, I preferred the older system and am displeased by this non “improvement”.

Throw the unappetizing in a compost heap with grass and bonemeal. I hear ya on seeing putrid meat sitting in my press.

Agreed here on using them for compoat. The lower tier fish are not meant as a reward, they are an rng buffer. Like t1 thralls, stone in a chest etc. So counting on them is akin to wanting to retire on 1 dollar lottery winners tickets and not getting the one 1 million dollar ticket.

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