Fluid Press & Putrid Meet

On Test servers it currently takes 50 Putrid meat to make 1 Ichor.

This is very poor for those without access a river or stream to capture fish which currently only takes 1 cooked fish top make 1 Ichor.

Please revert this back to the way it was as this is completely moronic.

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I though fish made oil =/

It depends on the species of fish. Unappetizing fish make ichor as a bi-product when cooked, while savory and exotic fish produce oil when pressed. They are the top way to get ichor at the moment, along with arachni-cide.

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good to know! Heads up.-

You can always hunt those nasty spiders :smiley:

there is another easy way to get putrid meat fast. just put meat or fish or whatever in the compost heap and split the stack of meat to make it even faster. meat that is inside your inventory decay in like 20 min , in the compost heap it takes 2 min or less to decay. it reduce the timer for decay greatly, but you have to watch also the timer for the putrid meat inside, cause it will also be reduced to 20 min, back in your inventory will change back to 5 hours. i also find 50 putrid meat for 1 ichor to much, but well this way you can make some extra

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Yes this is true however it doesn’t fix the issue that you only get 1 Ichor for 50 Putrid meat in the Fluid press. If you have no access to a river without having to run a marathon to get there then you really have to hope there is a spider nest or a few hundred Scorpions around your base.

First rule of real estate: Location, location, location.

There are really no magical super areas in the game with access to everything. Even the best one I have found I would need to travel north for black ice. There’s always going to be that pesky resource or couple of resources that require a hike. This is easily countered by teleporting or, heaven forbid, setting up trade contracts with other players.

Was such a daunting task fighting those undead near Cimmerian camps up north bringing 600 rotting meat back to base to make so little ichor. I do understand that this material should be rather difficult to obtain and no easy way to farm, the challenge is admirable. Depending on which server you are on meat can spoil quick.

As others have said all you need is 10 fish traps each can capture around 100 basic Fish or shrimp and when cooked that will give you a 1 to 1 ratio of cooked fish and Ichor. That is 1000 Ichor for 10 traps more if your lucky and they can refill more than once a day.

Compare that to your 600 Putrefied meet trip and hands down you know that producing Ichor from Putrid meet is completely inefficient. It needs to be returned a lot more closer to pre-nerf.

River = ichor is not even a possibility since the fishes doesn’t became putrid meat anymore inside the traps over time. so you haven’t lost anything huge by not having river access.

You can cook the smaller fish and it produces 1 Ichor for each fish you cook You can then dump the cooked fish in a Compost bin to go off really quickly then dump that in a Fluid press.