Problem with fluid press

On live put 300 putrid meat on there and got 3 ichor.

I think this will be what they have been intended. Ichor has come too easily when they released the fluid press.

Yeah, but now they’ve gone too far in the other direction. As far as I can tell, the “ichor” drop by spiders and scorpions has been replaced by Chitin, making it impossible to get outside of crafting (either by fluid press or cooking). Plus, putrid meat is needed now to make compost, so you can’t waste all of it on Ichor. Basically, they’ve made Ichor going from rare/hard (Feb-Jun) to common as hell (Jul-Apr) to rare as hell (Now). T3 Stone is going to be a pain to make.

Lay down a butt load of fish traps and cook the lowest quality fish. Ichor is still really easy to come by.

Yeah that’s what I want to do, put down 50 fish traps and hack up 100 undead hyenas every day. That really helps my immersion. Love using the hour or two I have to play during a weekday collecting putrid meat. Most of which can be stolen since it’s in fish traps.