Ichor in campfire?

I am sure i was getting ichor from cooking fish and shellfish in the campfire. I just cooked over 500 and no ichor. I am building and need to make stone consolidant. Any ideas?

Make sure it’s the unappetizing fish. Haven’t tried shellfish.

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Be sure:

Only unappetizing fish, unappetizing shellfish and Abysmal Flesh produce ichor at campfire while cooked.


Ahh ok. I just figured ichor came from any fish. Since I always just mix them in there and start cooking. Thanks

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Hey @p73s Born2bAlive is correct, it is only produced as a bi-product from the Unappetising Fish and Unappetising Shellfish.

For the record, you can also harvest Ichor from the bodies of dead spiders. Scuttlers Shortcut yields a respectable supply. Finally, you can also get Ichor by putting Putrid Meat in the Fluid Press. However, it only provides 1 Ichor for every 50 Putrid Meat, so it is not really worth it unless you have an over supply.

EDIT: and one last possibility which I almost forgot. You will also recieve Ichor if you place Candles in the Dismantling Bench.


Thanks, I still have alot of exploring to do. Only been playing for 3 weeks.

Thats ok, I hope you enjoy your journeys in the Exiled Lands.

Unappetising fish produce ichor when cooked, other fishes produce oil in the fluid press as well as seeds.

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Yep. Savory and Exotic fish should be squeezed into oil in the fluid press. Oil is needed for some high-tier resources, such as those used to make epic medium and heavy armor, so it’s best to start collecting oil early, especially if you want to dress your fighting thralls in epic heavy armor (with a T4 armorer, a full set of epic heavy armor requires 55 hardened leather just for the padding, which equals 110 oil plus other stuff).

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unappetizing fishes produce oil too in the fluid press. And they are the best yelding ressource for Oil :

1 Unappetizing fishes = 1 Oil.
5 Savory fishes = 1 Oil.
10 Exotic fishes = 1 Oil.

That’s why i’ve build my main place over water : to get a ton of fish traps directly inside my basement. (trap / indoor + on fondation = no random disappearence)

I ended up with more oil and ichor than i can use.

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Uncorrect, in the fluid press:

Unappetising fish produce oil with a ratio 1 / 1
Savory Fish produce oil with a ratio 5 / 1
Exotic Fish produce oil with a ratio 10 / 1

That’s why usually you take Unappetising fish and trash the others if you don’t need cheap food :wink:

The new fishes I don’t know:

Anglerfish , catfish, dogfish, groper and moray eel, I tryed to put some in the fluid press with no effect, but all I can say it’s if they could be pressed to produce oil is not at 1 / 1 ratio.

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