Ichor does not seem to be available

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Not sure if its a bug, as I understand it normal fish do not make ichor anymore, it comes from exotic fish and I am guessing from somewhere else but where? Additonally cooking exotic fish does not produce ichor and pressing them only gives oil so how do you get ichor now?
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You can get ichor using a pickaxe on a spider. In exiled lands you can get more from a spider boss or small spiders south from sinkhole or in the jungle biome south-east. In Isle of Siptah, you can make around 1k ichor from a full run of any of the two spider vaults.


But 1k from farming spiders arround complete map is little bit less.
With unappatizing fish it was a good ammount!
To get oil and ichor now is grind of death!

Oil is a pain, but ichor u can at least kill spiders or gekko things for. (Gekko dunno if that is correct translated xD) The things which spawn in the Dregs dungeon. Or east on exiles lands map, near derketo and the jungle rhino boss.

lol right spiders good idea go and kill spiders for the ichor you need, will take you days of killing thousands of spiders to get the amount of Ichor you need for recipes. Its a bug which was reported on test live but not fixed before the update went live, its suppose to drop from one of the fish, the exotic fish when you cook it but they have not fixed it yet.

@heaventhere You must be blind.

Why are you dunking on the suggestion?

Spiders are probably the best way to get ichor until this bug is fixed, and given Funcom’s typical release schedule that’s not coming until at least Tuesday of next week.

Not everyone is on the new map sorry to say so it can be harder, I played it for a month, did it all got bored went back to the base map so no vaults and you can not get 1k ichor from any spider cave, oh right only two or three of them right and every single person on officials are running the same caves. Or if you happen to play on a official where some person has build over the spider cave not so easy.

There other ways to get icor of course. Just so frustrated they were aware of the issue but did not fix before this major an update.

In case anyone does not know the other ways to get it in game.


NOT dumping on the suggestion but it will not be easy and it will be a ton of work on the base map on officials with everyone needing ichor and want to be honest not give false hope that anyone on officials is gonna get much ichor easy as every one one will be hunting for it.

Dear, @Ignasi Ichor is still not produced by cooking exotic fish after hotfix 2.1.1. Apparently it is missing the fix 2.1.1.



Pickaxe or pick?

Try both, but iirc a pick is more likely to give ichor.


Honestly I’ve never harvested animals or cooked stuff to get ichor, my main methods were looting dead humans/dismantling water-filled orbs to make stone consolidant and taking the dead bearers’ supply crates to get a buttload of alchemical base.


I thought they made it so you can not dismantle orbs any longer?? Last time I tried they did not dismantle.

I still can!

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I’ve had better luck with a sickle.

Interesting - I’ve generally found I get a lot more silk with a sickle but a lot less ichor (some, but not as much) - my goto is usually a pick if ichor is what I’m after. I wonder if it changes depending on the type of spider? I hit up the Executioners cave a lot right now, so lots of the basic brown spiders - decent ichor with a pick, some silk and limited ichor with a sickle. But I did notice harvesting a couple of green spiders out in the world that I seemed to get more silk and more ichor (used a sickle because I was after silk at the time - now I wish I’d tried a pick on a couple to get a clearer idea on that as well).

My go to creatures for harvesting ichor are sand reapers and komodos. Use a pick on both of them and you’ll get all the ichor you could want.

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Dregs/jungle Komodos and desert/jungle salamanders are where it’s at for ichor harvesting. I’ve found that a pick yields the highest rewards.

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