Ichor and where to find it

All right, I know the economy update made getting ichor harder, but can anyone point out how exactly can I farm ichor on the Isle of Siptah map? Can I craft it or do I need to grind it - and if I do, where from? It seems to be a rare drop from scorpions but what else? Spiders?

insectoids and lizards


there r also some places where spiders thrive… kill em and use pick on them


Easiest way is to grab a pick and chip the ick off of icky spiders. :wink:


Hmm, I crossed the entire map for scorpions while I had spiders really close to my base. And I even lost my faithful doge to these skinless parrots near the Old Smuggler’s Route.

Thank you all for the answers!

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Like these komodo dragons?

komodo and salamanders