Best tool for Ichor

Post launch, what is the best tool for ichor?

A fishing trap and a campfire to cook the blue fish.

Yeah, fish is the best way atm…

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Unappetizing Shellfish and Fish give 1 ichor when cooked.

But I’ve found tha using the Scythe on spiders only returns Ichor. Using a pick or a skining knife also gives Ichor and some other stuff… but drop chance seems better with Sickle/Scythe and pick next.

But, important caveat, I’m using a mod that alters the drop chances (just increases the already existing ones) of secondary products from harvesting… so it might be altering my results. (But AFAIK, it doesn’t alter which tools gives what, just the drop chance of the existing drops.)

Perhaps vanilla the drop rate is SO abysmal that there’s no point in using anything on spiders at all :smiley:

EDIT: I was thinking of Oil, not ichor :confounded:

I use a pick for ichor. Go through a spider cave with a pick and you’ll leave with several hundred ichor.

As Leeux mentions fish is also a very good way of obtaining it, but unfortunately fish traps are not working properly for a lot of players.

I never used a sickle on spiders, I’m definitely going to try it out!

@Leeux I use default settings of x1 drop rate. Clearing a spider cave with a pick gives many hundreds of ichor. So there is a point! I read somewhere that official servers have x2 gathering too… Seems like overkill to me.

Yeah, true! I forgot about the spider cave :smile: I only found it a week ago and since then I’ve been there several times! :slight_smile: I’m assuming you mean the deathwhisper ruins, or something like that… right?

Those are different spiders, though… they’re the grey ones, and they seem to have more ichor by default :smiley: Same as the black widows that throw poison at you from miles away :smile: Those also seem to have a higher drop rate of ichor than the lowly ones.

And I mean, the normal ones, the black-green ones seem to have less drop rate… at least, just going from my experience. And I have to fight them all the time… as I chose to set my base in their territory :smiley:

Yes, Deathwhisper Ruins. I think Skittering Cavern too but I’d have to go check it out again to be sure.

I know about the other ways to get ichor but I live next to the silkwood so spider info is what i needed.

You can also put rotten meat in to the press to get ichor, I think 10 rotten meat = 1 ichor.

So cook the shellfish and put in box to rot. Then press for more ichor. I would also save the unappetising fish and put in press for oil which is useful for weapon upgrades etc

It’s 50 these days.
Food spoils very quickly in compost bins.

Oil is an excellent fuel source too, better than coal and equal to dry wood.

Ah didn’t know about compost bins lol

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I figured it out one day when I was thinking of ways to make meat spoil faster.
Initially I did what I do in Ark, separate it out into stacks of 1. But then I tried the compost bin and it worked.
But it also increases the rate at which carrion decays, so make sure to get that out pretty quickly after the meat is done expiring.

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