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Hello everyone,
after the last patch released as per description they have eliminated or rather have recreated the recipe for the consolidant and it seems to me adequate not to serve you more than ichor but they have also eliminated finding the ichor from cooking small fish or shrimps, in fact cooking them I no longer get icore and since it was an easy way to find this resource now it touches dropp from the animals that give yes and no 10/5 ichor …
I ask funcom a question if I need ichor to make the maps, if I need to make the spheres of water or the poisoned svere that I need to make the arrows in turn, or I still need to make the alchemical bases … … how do I find a way to make a quantity necessary to have ichor ??? since even if removing it from the consolidant recipe it still serves in large quantities ???
thanks for your attention…

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Monitor lizards is my go-to now for ichor.

yes as I said in the post they give you a little but nothing compared to the old dear fish … now that the fish traps are no longer passive they could let them leave the small cooked fish even icores coming out … also because now even for certain potions they require the alchemical base and I don’t think the only way is to find the bearer of lvl 3 hoping for the alchemical bases …

I can harvest 500 ichor in about 15-20 minutes. The point is that it isn’t that bad. I thought it was going to be too but once I started collected…it was easy peasy. Gold ore takes more time.

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for a more permanent solution u can grow some corrupted spiders and keep a couple of pens with them … they magically poop ichor… also they have the habbit of eating grubs, so instead of using em for ur fishtraps, use em for ur spiders

Komodos in the jungle are great. 2 harvested with just a normal steel pick axe yields me around 70-80 Ichor. That’s pretty darn good.

Any of the dungeons that has spiders - use a pickaxe to chop the dead spiders. Head to The Warmaker’s Dungeon and just after you dip past the arena champion that 1 shots a level 20 Dalinsia, there are a bunch of spiders; the wine cellar has a bunch of spiders right before the last boss too.

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