BUG: No seafood produces ichor

Revision #264624/27310 (no mods)

Nothing produces ichor when cooked (exotic or not):


Another long know CHANGE to the game. Its been like this since 2.1

Correct and it is still an outstanding issue in the current build.


Change yes - but it was also stated when the change was made that ichor was available from cooking exotic fish - it isn’t and never has been. That means there is a bug or unintended change - and since there has never been official confirmation that they changed their minds on that, Narelle is right to bring it back to their attention so that it doesn’t just get forgotten about.


History of the bug, for the record:

Last response from Funcom was on October 29th.

PS: This is why I keep saying we need an issue tracker.


So what I wonder is this is a bug, its been reported, yet here it is again reported and for 3 days not one person from Funcom reply to this bug report. Weird or just again shows you they do not want to deal with some things as always. So if its a bug, they need to fix it but I think its planned and no one has the guts to tell the players, they just think we all get bored with reporting it lol.

They said on the stream it was suppose to come from one fish but they lied and now just pretend to not see these bug reports. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt but its harder and harder with the crap they pull on us to not doubt here they just have no guts to tell the players its intentional.

I suspect that Funcom came to the same conclusion that I did that you can get all the ichor you need from harvesting corpses so this is a bug that’s going to become a feature.

I just don’t understand why they don’t simply say that.

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Exactly! They don’t even need to say it on the forums. The most important way to communicate it would be to include it in the patch notes.


They are working on it is the standard reply.

So one can only guess since Oct. they have not been working on it.

Hey there,

We’ve sent a new request about the issue, as it was sitting on the queue after being a confirmed issue by QA.
However, it seems this is intended but not properly updated in internal documentation, which resulted in the miscommunication. Apologies for the confusion.


Happy cake day! Thanks for the update. Looking forward to seeing the update patch notes, so we can all put this issue to rest :wink:


Finally!! I can have some closure.


So its intended but they lied to us on the steam and said it was not a new change that some fish did, see this is my problem its they lie then lie a few more times before they decide to be honest when they get caught in the lie and they get called out on it over and over and then it takes them weeks to come clean. No wonder no one believes most of what they tell us. NO wonder the server are so empty no ones trusts what they say anymore or trusts them to fix anything as who in heck knows if its a change or another lie they will admit to later when they feel like it.

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I think you should calm down, there no need for such hostility. Yes, they did say that exotic fish will produce ichor but maybe they changed their mind or maybe there was some miscommunication. Now we have the answer, the way it is right now is the way they intend for it to work for good or bad. If you don’t like this change, you can provide arguments as to why ichor should be reintroduced. I personally don’t have any issues getting all the ichor I need from all the spiders on Siptah.


See I think you do not get it where I was coming from, I know where to find ichor and have lots not the issue but tis the fact they tell us one thing over and over a few times then we find it was not true, it is one of the things that make the player base not trust in what they say and calm down lol you do not know me so how would you know if I was calm or not when I write that or any comment on these forums and where was the hostility? My comment get flagged for telling the truth , they did say one thing over and over even on the bug reports then all of a sudden its a planned change, all they had to do Narelle was say that in the beginning in stead of hedging and saying one thing then another , then back again to finally admit its planned.

Do any of us like to spend hours in test live to help to find the bugs, the come to the forum to report them all for no reason it seems as now we find out our time is wasted as it was not a bug it was planned but no one could say so for whatever reason. This seems to happen a lot , we test then find out it was our time wasted as it was planned just not told.

I test because I love this game or I would have walked away from it like many others have so I keep testing and trying to help them make it better but wasting time testing planned changes is just my game time and many others who tested the ichor change over and over, time wasted in test live for no reason, if they had been honest and just came out and said its planned then none of us would have wasted our TIME testing it, over and over every patch waiting on the fix for something that was planned.

So as you do not know me please try not to tell me to calm down or accuse me of being hostile which I was not, when you have no clue if I am calm or not thank you.

My time so far was well spent. I’ve got the answer I was looking for on this and a few other issues that I have posted. If you feel that your time is being wasted, then you should consider what else you could do with it to get more enjoyment. Testing on TestLIve is entirely optional.

I honestly don’t see any reason for them to lie at least not for anything this minor. Either the plan changed or it was a miscommunication from the very beginning. It happens :woman_shrugging:


I really just explained why I test but not like anyone can see what I say as someone just flags the comment over and over. I said I test because I love the game and want it to be better for more to play but guess that is a bad comment too right so you have a wonderful day.

You can still see it, you just have to click a link. I almost always read hidden posts.

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No, you didn’t. You also keep accusing Funcom of deliberately lying and spamming the thread with complaints about flags. Please take a hint and stop, because a lot of us would really like to be able to read these forums without derailing every thread with that stuff.

You got it dude, I will stop and go.