Fluid Press doesn't turn hide into oil

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Game mode: Online & Singleplayer
Problem: Misc
Region: US Servers and all over map
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I’m not sure if this is a bug or something else. I tried to put hid into the fluid press to make oil. I did the because the crafting sections shows a recipe as hide + time = oil. Well after putting over 150 hide into the fluid press no oil was made. If i put seeds or fish into the press it will make oil. Just figured i’d mention this since the recipe shown with the press in game does not work.

Repro steps:

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Same for me on PS4, UK, server 3120. It worked the first time and never again after that, I’ve tried flowers, seeds, hide and fish and it doesn’t seem to do anything now.

You guys mean black tar not oil. Tar is made in the fluid press by putting coal into it, or in the tanner with bark.

If there is anything that resembles oil it’s Ichor from cooking fish. But I assume you mean oil as in petrol, but it’s tar in this game.

There is oil in this game as well that gets used in some blacksmith recipes. And as stated above, you’ll get oil by placing fish in the fluid press. Though I’ve never heard of getting oil from placing hides in the fluid press (doesn’t mean it is not true as I am sure I’ve not heard of many things heh). Only the mentioned tar from placing hides in the Tannery or coal in the press.


You can also get oil by putting seeds in the press


I only mention it because that is what is shown on the hints or whatever you call it that appears above the crafting time. It shows hide being used in the fluid press, not sure if its a visual or mechanical bug.


They do mention that in the info section as you said, I think they never edited that. But for sure it don’t work. But it definitely can throw someone off big time with the info the game tip gives you.

I did not know oil as in fuel was a thing :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure if you put fresh fish in the press you get oil. If you put hide into the tanning rack you get tar, both need bark to run.

Putting raw fish in the fluid press will produce oil, yes. But it requires no fuel. You get tar from tanning hides in the tannery which does require bark for fuel. On a side note, it is best to cook the undesirable fish, as they produce ichor as a byproduct (savory and exotic do not).

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RAW exotic and savory fish placed in the press will produce oil. You need 5 of one type to create oil or 10 of the other type to create oil. I forget which one is which.

50 putrid meat in the press will create ichor.

If there is a graphic in the press that shows HIDE, that is incorrect.

Hide and Bark in the tannery will create leather and tar.

Cooking shrimp and unappetizing fish will cook the seafood and provide Ichor for each piece of seafood cooked.

Bark is not required in the Fluid Press, only raw fish.

Fish, seeds and plants are what I’ve been told are supposed to work.

I never had success with the seeds or plants.

I know for a fact the items that I listed work as I use them all the time.

Can you use the oil as fuel in, say, a Firebowl Cauldron? I’m having trouble getting enough tar for my needs so I’d like to place the coal in the fluid press and use oil to burn

You do not need to use ANY fuel source in the Fluid Press. Just put the raw (exotic or savory) fish or putrid meat or berries into the Fluid Press and it starts to work on its own producing oil from fish and ichor from putrid meat and berry pulp from berries. You just need to make sure that you meet the minimum quantity to create the product you desire.

Yes thanks, I use fluid press all the time but I’m asking if the oil I get from it can be used as fuel for Firebowl Cauldron, which I didn’t know if that’s true or not.

For example, is this possible: put fish in fluid press, get oil, use oil as fuel in Firebowl Cauldron

I do not think that can be done. I will test it later today when I am back in the game.

Dang, thanks. I’m struggling supplying enough tar for my needs, any advice besides skins and coal in the press?

Yes, and I believe oil is the longest lasting fuel out of wood, dry wood, or coal? I did not list bark because the dryer and tanner can only use bark.

Make a base near water, put 4 or 5 fish traps down, oil for days.

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