Follower thralls gone

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU
Mods?: Yes
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Was unable to log onto the server for about 3 weeks until my friend who rents it returned and restarted it today. But when I logged on ALL of our follower thralls were gone – fighters, archers, entertainers and bearers - no where to be seen

Installed Mods:

Savage Wilds, Pippi
among others

Is this something that has happened to anyone else lately?

The event log, when I checked it, showed that all of them had decayed because none of us had been in-game for all this time.
But I had thought it would be buildings and placeables that would decay, not these thralls.

Anyway, mystery solved - but raises new questions.

Greetings Exile,

As you’ve also stated, your thralls seem to have decayed. It is indeed possible! I’ll close the thread since this isn’t exactly a bug. But feel free to open a new one if you encounter any other issues.