For players with stuttering and low fps

Game mode: [Any]
Type of issue: [Performance/Bug]
Server type: [Any]
Region: [Any]

Hey hou everyone… Maybe I have a smaller fix again for players who have problems with stuttering and falling FPS … I can’t 100% confirm that this solution will fix your game enough, but it works for me as well as for a few other players.

Solution: Turn on “laptop mode” in game settings, press ESC to save the setting. Then reopen the game settings and turn “laptop mode” OFF.

If this does not help, you can try playing your game with “laptop mode”. To make the game not look so bad and blurry, just change the screen to “windowed” and then back to “fullscreen”. The only thing that can hinder you is that “folliage” is not rendered short-range.

If someone tries this solution, please write down if it helped you, I will be glad for any feedback! Thank you, have a nice day :slight_smile:

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