For the love of. . . BEARDS!

Mountains? Gorgeous! Water? Beautiful! Sandstorms? Breathtaking! Skin, hair, scales, moonlight? Awe-Inspiring, to be sure! But what is up with that… whatever it is, on your face? Funcom! You’re in the land of the proud North. My people! You mean to tell me there’s no man with a beard? Should I send a picture of mine? (That’s 4.99 US dollars, thanks). You’d be better off just shaving the hair off their heads and fixing it to their face. This is priority One! Guys, back me up here!


That is a brilliant suggestion! Funcom please listen to the man! Lol

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It would be nice to have proper beard, like mine. Also ‘Einherjar’ :+1:


:100: % Agreed.
With automatic survival and charisma buffs?


This has been reported previously Einherjar, and if memory serves me correctly it is actually a bug, and their absence is not intended. Similarly, several of the females hairstyles never appeared on NPCs either. Here is the original thread if yourself or anyone else would like a read.

As a full bearded male myself, I strongly support calls to start having male NPCs spawn in with beards! As I said last time in the old thread, poor Jack Passion would be beside himself if he saw this.


Brilliant idea yes!


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I dare you to go to Greenland or any true arctic country and tell me having an actual full beard doesn’t help with survival.


Lols :joy: food storage and flavour saver are the most important powers. There’s nothing quite like finding that little remnant of say, sweet chilli sauce a couple hours after eating wedges​:yum::yum:


I store nails or screws in mine while working on my house :slight_smile:

@Glurin I could totally go for a Sai Sahan style face rug in game :smiley:

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I keep young kittens warm in mine. The rats seem to like it too but the ducks just try and eat it.

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