Forge of Eternity RP PvPvE PC Server

Forge of Eternity is a new PC RP PvP (time restricted) server and we are looking for mature friendly players to join and help bring the server to life. IC drama and conflict are encouraged, but real life drama should be left in the real world. Must have a character bio/backstory as well as a mission/goal for your character to complete in order to join the server.
Please visit the server’s website and put in an application for consideration. If all is acceptable the server password will be sent to you through the website. Look for Forge of Eternity on Enjin.

As I intend to use this server to produce RP episodes for uploading on YouTube, some rules will need to be followed.

  1. Treat all players respectfully, even if your characters are worst enemies.
  2. As episodes will be posted on YouTube, all vulgarity will be removed and could lead to banning if it happens on an ongoing basis and it leads to me having to frequently redo parts of my episodes.
  3. Hacking/Cheating will be addressed swiftly and will lead to being banned from the server.
  4. Admins will be appointed to help in monitoring the server as needed.

Thank you and look forward to playing Conan Exiles with you!