[PC] [RP-PVP] Grim Foundry

Name of Server: Grim Foundry

Age Restrictions: (18+, all ages, etc): 18+ due to Mature themes

Location of Server: (NA, EU, etc.) NA, but with a growing EU population.

Max capacity of server: 30. Adding more slots as we grow.

Discord (or other) Server: Discord: discord.gg/Hh2KxEW

Is the server pass worded or open?: Password protected, can be acquired in Discord.

Server Settings
XP rate: 1.0
Gathering Rate: 2.0
Day/Night Ratio: 2:1 timing
Hunger/Thirst settings:1.0
Drop Equipment on Death: Equipment drops and remains for 30 minutes
God Avatars Enabled: Disabled but can be used if story critical with admin assistance.
The Purge Activated: Yes.
Max Clan Size: 5 (This is temporary and will scale with the server’s population)

Peak Play Times: As most of the player base is in NA, peak play times seem to happen between 4pm and 2am CST.

Does the Server use Mods: Currently no, however this will be changed to represent the needs of the server as we’re a community driven group.

Is there an application to join the server?: Currently no application, but this is temporary. We just ask for members to join Discord and the forums.

Server Lore: Medium to Heavy Conan Lore. However, focus is more about characters crafting their own stores over commitment to established lore.

Server Ruleset: Full community and server specific rules can be found on our website. (Can’t include the link, but pretty easy to Google.)

About Us:

The Foundry is a place for individual contributors to forge their own stories, create their own heroes, and interact with others as they do the same. Our role as a community is to create a support platform for these stories by providing RP-oriented servers, guidelines for effective RP, mediation to support the storytellers, and a place for like-minded individual to gather.

A community created for role-players, by role-players.
Grim Foundry does not shy away from storytelling mature themes, language, and RP elements and is therefore an 18+ community.

Why Us:

There are so many amazing RP communities out there and Conan Exiles is a game that heavily caters to this audience. Even within these recruitment pages, there are a vast number of servers and communities that may fit your particular style.

However, the Foundry is focused on building out a RP community not beholden to a single game. We’re actively working to bring new, dedicated servers for games outside of Conan Exiles, within different genres, and establish ourselves within several MMOs. We even support tabletop roleplaying games through platforms like Virtual Table Top!

We truly believe in building a community where friends can share stories across multiple platforms, shift roles depending on games, and contribute to building out a community-led environment built by RP enthusiasts.
We’re also committed to the long haul. Many communities spring up around a single game and their population ebbs and flows with the popularity of that game. Our servers are typically paid for in six to twelve month increments and our forums/websites are paid for annually. So we’re not going anywhere anytime soon!

We hope to see you and look forward to crafting amazing experiences with you.