Forgotten Kingdoms x3 PVE on PC with weekly events!

Welcome to the Forgotten Kingdoms!
Dedicated server located in North America.

We are a very active and friendly 50 slot PVE server. We have a well established admin team and use a dedicated machine to give you the best playing experience possible. We host multiple PVP and PVE events during the week and on weekends where the whole server comes together in discord and in-game. We understand the struggle of working full-time and being active in a gaming community, so we changed the server setting to make the grind a little easier.

  • x3 Experience and Harvest
  • Map rooms next to all Obelisk’s for faster transportation.
  • No PVP or raiding. Loot is kept in inventory on death.
  • Building decay is turned off. Bases will be auctioned off after 21 days of inactivity.
  • Level 4 Purge with 30 minutes purge duration.
  • Admin made PVP and PVE events to fight for prizes and titles.
  • Monthly building events to win DLC’s and other prizes.
  • Multiple player owned towns: Thespians are available to buy and sell from.

Current 8 mods that we are running:
Pippi, Emberlight, Savage Steel Vol 1, Fashionist, Dudes Delightful Decorations, DyeMoreBetterer, Less Building Placement Restrictions, Unlock + (with pickup).

Join us on discord for more information with code 57MRfnP

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Welcome to the Fashion Event: Dress the Town!

Hosting a PVE event tonight if you guys want to join in!

Alyssa was kind and generous but everyone else went out of their way to be a jerk. Had a toxic experience with this server.

You came to a purge at a low level, died, and expected people to stop defending their purge and to give you items for free… I am unsure what you expected from them. I don’t even think people were reading chat because they were fighting.